As reality settles in and we face the fact that Nicolas Ghesquiere and Balenciaga have decided to part ways, we continue to mourn in the only way now: by celebrating the legendary handbags that Ghesquiere created for Balenciaga. The longevity of the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, in all its incarnations, is astounding; the design debuted in 2001 and ever since, it’s been toting in a zillion different forms by everyone from the world’s most prominent fashion editors to a full half of the PurseBlog company staff. (That’s me, Megs and Hilary, for those of you who are counting.)

I’ve owned four Balenciaga bags over the years, and they’re what fueled my initial foray into the world of premiere designer handbags in the first place. I became aware of them largely because of the design’s huge celebrity following; when I was in college, you couldn’t find a starlet without one. To this day, it seems as though practically every woman in Hollywood has a Balenciaga somewhere in her regular rotation. Doubt it? We’d like to offer a bevy of proof, which you’ll find below.

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  • Ashleyg

    Love Vanessa (and Jenna) and Khloe’s bag the most. Really love that giant hardware!

  • twirler

    the first picture sure looks like Katherine Heigl, not Kate Moss

    • Vlad Dusil

      Had me fooled, but it’s Kate indeed!

      • twirler

        it is! her tattoo finally gave it away

  • Rashmi

    Amanda, you missed the Emerald Green giant day bag of Katie Holmes. I am still
    hunting for that bag in THAT color!! I love your violet one too. Alas, the company does not have those colors :-(

  • Sam L

    I love Nicole Richie’s Damask Stripe City the best!

  • Ingrid

    vanessa hudgens’ bag is the part-time, and jenna jameson’s is a work is it not?

  • dnfl

    wonder how the house is going to be like without nicolas

  • Izumi

    Famke Janssen’s bag is a Men’s Day. They still make a bag called the Men’s Day, but it hardly looks like this one. The strap is shorter and not adjustable, the tassels are just a couple inches long, and the two studs below the zipper are the only hardware. I guess it looks a little more manly? I have the old one in five colors and people always laugh when I tell them it’s actually a men’s bag.

  • John

    Claudia is holding a patchwork Sunday tote :)

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