Sofia Vergara has always wowed us with her prolific designer handbag collection, so it comes as no surprise that the bar is equally high for her designer shoes. Sofia is extremely partial to high-heeled platform pumps and sandals, which showcase her va-va-voom voluptuous figure the best.


Celebs seem to be playing a game of musical chairs with designer brands this week. All of our top A-list handbag lovers have abruptly switched out their summer favorites for something new. Reese is carrying Chloé, Miranda is carrying Bulgari and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has made her very first appearance on our virtual pages.


Last night marked the 68th Annual Emmy Awards, and as you all know, wherever there’s a major red carpet, you’ll also find a bounty of lovely evening bags. That’s exactly what turned up last night, but with one little twist that doesn’t often find its way to awards shows: my favorite bag of the night only costs $39.


Jet-setting celebs might as well have been catching a plane back to 2011 this week, because most of these handbags were just as popular then, which says a lot about the enduring appeal of a lot of these designer styles.


We’ve already showed you the 40 best bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2017’s famous attendees, and now it’s time to consider what fashion insiders had on their feet. Shockingly, actresses and reality stars were completely shut out of this category, while bloggers, Instagram tastemakers and fashion editors had the most interesting shoe choices.


It feels as though it’s been New York Fashion Week for approximately a month and a half, and even though that’s a bit hyperbolic, the event does spill beyond the traditional bounds of a seven-day week to accommodate more shows than any other.


Chanel hosted an event at the beginning New York Fashion Week, so it probably comes as no surprise that this post is exactly 50% Chanel. Guests were clearly expected to wear/carry as much Chanel as humanly possible.


I lot went on at the end of last week. Rihanna has a new fave bag, Giada is taking a new brand for a spin, Chloë Grace Moretz gets bespoke Coach bags and we are henceforth using the Fanning sisters as a sort of litmus test for handbag popularity.


Beyoncé turned 35 on September 4th, and she threw herself an epic Soul-Train-inspired, celeb-filled fete in NYC to celebrate. Everyone was there, including Blue Ivy, Kelly and Michelle, and the outfits were amazing. Celebs fully committed to their very groovy apparel.


Celebs are all over the globe this week, and yet their bag choices are oddly in sync. Bags from Fendi and Saint Laurent are obvious faves, and a hot new style from Miu Miu has just made one of its first appearances on the site and you’re sure to have an opinion about it one way or another.


In general, it’s hard to make a second sister as successful as the first. Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian will never be quite as ubiquitous as Kim is (and they seem fine with that), and Hayley Duff didn’t quite reach the heights of sister Hilary.


Celebs seem to have their hands full this week. There’re juggling multiple designer bags, product samples and children’s toys, but somehow they’re making it work. Of course, other celebs are taking a practically hands-free approach with dainty wristlets and overbuilt iPhone cases.

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