Ask Megs - 40th Birthday Party

It has been a while since I answered a question for Ask Megs, and it is time to bring it back. Whether it is a gift idea, helping narrowing down a bag choice, or anything else related to our coveted arm candy, I’d love to help out. This week, a reader wrote to ask for help to find the perfect bag for her 40th birthday gift from her husband.

Dear Megs,

Please could you advise what you could recommend to buy for about $1500. I live in London and have lots of designer bags, so I am very lucky and not sure what to invest in next.

My husband has very sweetly offered to gift me a bag for my 40th birthday. I would like a shoulder bag or one that can be carried in the crook of my arm. I would also like it in a brown or red color, but I’m open to different colors.

I am considering a Mulberry bag – but which one?

All advice is gratefully appreciated!


Mrs. N. P.

Thanks for writing! You are very lucky to already have an amazing collection and another new bag coming for your birthday. I focused on finding you some great Mulberry bags, but there are a few other designers with a similar aesthetic that I think you should check out. I decided on bags that pair classic with everyday wearable in a final product that you will be thrilled to carry for years to come. I stuck with options from Net-A-Porter for easy delivery for you! Here are my choices:

Mulberry Alexa Leather Bag in peach-pink | $1,250
Since you specifically named Mulberry, I found a few options. The Alexa is super stylish and I love the femininity the peach pink color offers.

Gucci Jackie Shoulder Bag in cherry | $1,790
Not super red, this cherry hued Gucci bag is timeless and elegant. Truth be told, it might be my favorite on the list.

Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two Large Leather Tote in navy | $1,350
YSL designed the Muse Two to be everyday wearable. There is a subtle nod at colorblocking on this version and it will look great being carried in the crux of your arm.

Mulberry Taylor textured-leather satchel | $1,350
The Taylor is a different look for Mulberry, but I quite like it. It is more casual than the Alexa but still easy to pair with many outfits.

Marni Color-block leather tote | $1,370
They call this bag color-blocked but the difference in colors is so slight it really just helps the bag flow well. I like the East/West shape and supremely buttery soft leather.

Reed Krakoff Soft Boxer 1 textured-leather tote | $1,290
The Boxer Tote has been a growing favorite and it still remains high on my list. The leather is durable and the buckle strap detailing adds flair.

Alexander McQueen De Manta studded leather tote | $1,595
I added a bag with some chic studding if you were looking for a little rocker-chic. The studding is added in all the right places without being over-the-top.

Miu Miu Madras textured-leather tote | $1,595
I love the gold hardware against the red leather on this tote. There is an optional shoulder strap so this bag can be carried cross-body, while there are also two top handles for easy carrying.

Mulberry Oversized Alexa leather bag in oak | $1,450
I finished off my choices with another Mulberry bag. The oak color is iconic to the brand and I love the larger Alexa, especially if you have many items you have to carry daily.

  • Sara

    Not sure what to invest in? How about investing it in humanity by giving to charity…

    • Tina

      Well there is only so much to do to help the world. Have you given all your riches to charity? Have you spent money on little pleasures? She worked hard on HER money and she can spend it on whatever she likes. Stop judging others and see if you do so well yourself.

      • Berriesofheresy

        I am all for enjoying luxuries and pleasures of the world. Kudos to whoever has worked hard and is able to afford luxury in their lives! I am also aware this is just a handbag blog, and the comments have gone a little off topic and I should probably just ignore it… but was there a need to be so hostile Tina? 

        “Well there is only so much to do to help the world.” Really?! There’s ALOT to be done in this world and it’s not getting done because people think that someone else will take care of it. That is terrible logic and one step back for humanity.  

        Oh and helping does not always equate to throwing money around. It’s what you do and how you give back, not how much $$$ you can afford to give up.

      • Sara

        Thanks Berriesofheresy. There is so much I see that is WRONG with this statement “Well there is only so much to do to help the world.” You’ve already covered it so I won’t.

        I’ve worked hard and I treat myself to designer bags too. I have no gripe with that otherwise I’d be a hypocrite. (Although, Mrs NP said that it’s her husband who is buying her the bag, and he’s the one who buys her designer bags in general–so..I guess when we say she works hard we mean that she worked hard snagging a rich husband? :P)
        What my comment was directed towards, was the fact that Mrs NP has extra money she doesnt know what to with, so she is essentially spending money for the sake of spending money. So I suggested thinking outside of the box–spending on charity perhaps.

  • Desiree

    I would go for Proenza Schouler PS1 in saddle or burgundy.

  • Kathragland

    I favor the Mulberry Alexa in Oak (I am feeling the vibe of Hermes Barenia…lots of character when well worn and loved) and though the name is not discussed as often, I also like the Marni bag.

    Regarding the charity suggestion, I am certain that many, many members here are very generous when it comes to the needs of those less fortunate but everyone that is able, should also celebrate themselves on their birthday.

    • Sara

      Agreed — my comment was not suggesting Mrs NP not buy designer bags at all. It was about how she didnt know what to spend money on, so why not spend it on charity?  Seems like she’s spending money for the sake of spending money. It’s not like she needs another designer handbag, as she stated that she has a lot already.

  • weaslgrl

    So glad you included the Reed Krakoff Boxer.  His Atlantique tote is also definitely worth a look; I love mine!  (The Boxer is next on my list).

  • RO

    Put YOUR money where your mouth is, Sara!  As I bet you don’t.

    • Sara

      I do, actually. I have a few designer bags, and they are purchased AFTER my automatic charitable contributions are deducted from my income. And my designer bags are always purchased second hand or on sale. I think it’s ok to buy designer WHATEVER, but when you have money lying around that you WANT to spend but dont know what to spend, why not consider doing something out of the ordinary, like helping someone in need versus something that will eventually collect dust in your closet? I think you’re attitude spells out that my first comment left you feeling convicted…

  • Molly Smith

    I am a little
    confused at what this blog is about! I thought I was visiting a bag website not
    a philanthropic site. I am an owner of 0 designer bags and would
    forgo a few luxuries for the betterment of man kind. However if I had the money
    to do both I would because I work damn HARD!


    If Mrs N P wants
    her husband to buy her a designer bag, she should be allowed to get her husband
    to buy her a designer bag! Why is it any of our business? I am sure that Mrs N
    P deserves to be treated.


    I am a firm
    believer in live and let live! 


    For those that
    are dead against such frivolous purchases please explain to me
    what you are doing on this website anyway!!!

    • Sara

      “For those that are dead against such frivolous purchases please explain to mewhat you are doing on this website anyway!!!!”

      I am not against buying designer bags. I have some, and I love this blog. It’s just sad that some people (Mrs NP) live in excess and have money lying around and don’t know what to do with it, so the best thing they can come up with is spending it on a frivolous luxury. If you have cash lying around and you want to do something with it, why not help someone else out?

    • Sara

      Another thing, “If Mrs N P wants her husband to buy her a designer bag, she should be allowed to get her husband to buy her a designer bag! Why is it any of our business?”

      It’s our business because she sent in a letter to this blog to have it published for all of us to see.

  • Suz

    Love the cupcakes….

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