Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Handbags

As all fashion watchers know, the clothing and accessories that grace fashion week runways is generally the most experimental and forward-thinking of the full line of items that any designer will eventually offer in a particular season. It’s important to keep that in mind when you see the Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Handbags, which debuted over the weekend in a show that hilariously required a bunch of fancy fashion people to schlep to the Brooklyn Navy Yards. The accessories were as utilitarian as the venue would suggest.

Wang’s runway bags are always a little weird and rarely represent the bread-and-butter designs that the brand expects to be the season’s accessories focus. Instead, they’re more conceptual, and Wang’s Fall 2014 concept is all about the things that women carry inside of their bags. The designs range from clutches to multi-bag shoulder slings, and they all have articulated compartments for everything from compacts to water bottles, complete with lock and key to keep the carrier’s essentials safe. The clutches and small crossbodies will likely be popular with the downtown set; the larger versions might be a tougher sell.

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  • ElainePG

    The detachable keyring on the outside (I assume it’s magnetized?) is a cute idea, but would never work in a big city… too risky. But it’s a great look! As for the other bags… is it just me, or are the shapes just a little, um, funny-looking? They look a whole lot like the harnesses I use to hold my camera equipment… which is NOT my best fashion look!

  • Carolyn Garthe

    I remember fanny packs the first go round. Didn’t do them then, Not doing them now.

  • JaneH

    The handhelds and the round crossbodies are nice but the rest are just too edgy(?) for me. I do like their compartments though.

  • Jennifer Eddy

    It looks like they just took a bunch of military surplus equipment and spray painted them a solid color (white, yellow, etc) and called it good.

  • Helga Pataki

    I don´t like it !!!! looks like an army bag!!! maby miroslava duma and the beckerman sisters can wear it in a crasy outfit for fashion weeks, but for the working woman, I don´t think so

  • Atlanta

    The bags are too self-aware.

  • shueaddict

    I got the Rocco Bag while it was allthe hype and never liked another Wang bag since – ordered the Pelican but returned it. But I still have hope in my heart.

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