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  • ElainePG

    The detachable keyring on the outside (I assume it’s magnetized?) is a cute idea, but would never work in a big city… too risky. But it’s a great look! As for the other bags… is it just me, or are the shapes just a little, um, funny-looking? They look a whole lot like the harnesses I use to hold my camera equipment… which is NOT my best fashion look!

  • Carolyn Garthe

    I remember fanny packs the first go round. Didn’t do them then, Not doing them now.

  • JaneH

    The handhelds and the round crossbodies are nice but the rest are just too edgy(?) for me. I do like their compartments though.

  • Jennifer Eddy

    It looks like they just took a bunch of military surplus equipment and spray painted them a solid color (white, yellow, etc) and called it good.

  • Helga Pataki

    I don´t like it !!!! looks like an army bag!!! maby miroslava duma and the beckerman sisters can wear it in a crasy outfit for fashion weeks, but for the working woman, I don´t think so

  • Atlanta

    The bags are too self-aware.

  • shueaddict

    I got the Rocco Bag while it was allthe hype and never liked another Wang bag since – ordered the Pelican but returned it. But I still have hope in my heart.

  • Alexandra Bowman

    Wang is very cool for thinking outside the box. He’s getting suuuuuper sporty though; I agree that It makes it harder to carry his bags on an everyday basis…

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