Makeup Bag

Let’s be honest, fall weather makes our hair look great and skin look dry. With the cooler temperatures and dryer air, our faces require a little more TLC around this time of the year, which is why we never leave home with our favorite beauty products. The problem, of course, is that loose beauty products in your handbag can turn out to be a HUGE disaster (just ask the Louis Vuitton we lost to a tube of tinted moisturizer), which is why we ALWAYS stuff everything in our makeup bags.

Normally, a bag just big enough to fit your essentials does the job, but when you’re needing to stuff a makeup bag full of a pot of Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream, a bottle of hydrating face lotion and three sticks of Baby Lips, your bag is going to need to get a big bigger. We’ve rounded up our seven favorite beauty products this season and 10 makeup bags to fit them all in. Now if only we could fit our aesthetician in there as well.

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  • kindled

    Some/most/all of those makeup pouches are expensive enough that having your makeup explode all over them would also be devastating.

  • CMM

    I have had a quilted Prada makeup bag for 10 years now and it has held up beautifully. The inside liner easily wipes up and has handled more than a few major makeup spills! It was worth the $250 that I spent on it years ago.

  • clo

    What about the Louis Vuitton Make up pouch?

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