Recently a thread was started on the Purse Forum asking for help finding a black bag. Instead of posting my response on the forum, I’m going to do it on the site because I have found a black bag that I truly love.

I have this thing for bags that have dangling parts. That sure didn’t sound right, but you kinda know what I mean. These kinds of bag ensure that no matter how lame or boring an event, you will have something to do.

To be seen on the road less traveled is not always a bad thing. Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent has designed a bag that screams out shape, style, and function. Cynthia’s Twelfth Street Suede Studded Shoulder Bag stands out from the ordinary bags out there.

Like I said, Halloween makes women happy. Christina knows what I’m talkin’ bout! She’s the sexy nurse with her doctor who can make everything better.

Next we see that Paris is continuing to love the idea of Halloween.

I hope you all have your costumes picked out already. As for me, I am undecided what to do. I sure could just throw something together and call it a costume. After all, isn’t Halloween just a day with an actual excuse for every girl to dress as a ‘sexy fill in the blank.

Green is the color of life and growth. Actually, I think my older sister tried to corrupt my mind when I was younger and tell me it was the color of something else… I won’t mention it unless any of you do!

I’ve heard nothing but raves about Botkier bags. It seems the fan base is large and the beauty of the bags keeps it all going. I don’t own a Botkier bag, but I have seen many in person and I sure wouldn’t mind having one at some time in the near future (cue Vlad here ;-) ).

Well, things are finally settling down. My family is still without power and not able to live at home down in Florida, but they have settled for a condo on the West coast of Florida for now- rough life, eh?

While some designers are known for specific bags, it is ok for them to venture off the beaten path from time to time. Take Chloe handbags for example; known for it’s Paddington and Silverado, but the company has decided to capture our fascination with some other designs.

Patchworking is where it’s at. Many designers love to put together a funky bag of patchwork- I love it. Maybe I love it because sometimes I’m in such an indecisive mood I don’t know which bag to wear.