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If you’re looking for a reasonably priced holiday gift that you’re sure the recipient has a use for, it’s hard to go wrong with something tech-y. No matter how girly the girl, we all have iPhones and laptops and iPads (some of us) that are parts of our everyday lives, and making them a little more chic while maintaining functionality is a near-constant pursuit for young women.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the finest high-fashion tech accessories as the latest installment of our Holiday Gift Guide 2011; from headphones to laptop cases to a bag to carry it all, we can outfit you for the next year and then some.

Diane von Furstenberg Saffiano Printed iPhone Case, $50 via Net-a-Porter

Balenciaga Classic Arena Screen iPad Case, $565 via Barneys

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Headphones, $98 via ShopBop

Reed Krakoff Leather iPad Case, $590 via Net-a-Porter

Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart Earbuds, $40 via Net-a-Porter

Rebecca Minkoff Pyramid Neoprene Laptop Case, $78 via ShopBop

Juicy Couture Naomi Neoprene Laptop Bag, $148 via ShopBop

Smythson Leather Camera Case, $230 via Net-a-Porter

Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart USB Keychain, $42 via ShopBop

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Love the Marc by Marc Jacobs heart USB keychain, and the Balenciaga iPad case. Both honour the inner childlike joy of using a new electronic toy.

  • Dana

    I think the flash drive is super cute but not worth the price as you could get one for $5.

  • Jaz

    I really love the Bal IPAD case!

  • Silversun

    The zip on the Smythson looks super wonky. I wouldn’t pay designer prices for such poor workmanship.

  • Nadia

    I love this post, they’re all super cute items!

  • AW

    oooo the MbMJ earbuds are super cute and a great price too! the balenciaga is very sleek but at that price point, u can get an entire MbMJ bag :S

  • Mari

    I want an ipad just so I can put it in something awesome. Like the Stella Fabella sleeve, or the balenciaga :)

  • mochababe73

    Cute items, but I would have liked to have seen something for an e-reader. I have a Kindle Fire with a case already, but I’m always looking for something fashionable for it.
    With that being said, I would like someone to get me the Marc Jacobs USB keychain.

  • pixiegirl

    These are fun, I’m glad to see some lower priced items on this list.

    I have a ipad and as much as I’d love a Bal case for it I can not in any way justify a case that costs more than the ipad itself. Proenza Schouler has one I really like too but it’s also too much $$$.

  • lisa m

    Amanda, purseblog has the funnest holiday gift guides, except they are all gifts for myself! :D

    I want one of everything here, except I like the fair isle juicy earmuff head phones better. Even though they scream teenager!

  • Jennie

    I love the the pattern on the DvF iphone case. The juicy headphones are cute AND genius.

  • Sil

    what a great list! i love pretty much everything in that list, specially the USB keychain <3

  • Shereen

    The MbMJ usb is super cute. I actually really love the leather camera case. The color is vibrant, and it looks really sturdy

  • 19yearslater

    Cute! Though I have American Eagle earmuff headphones waiting under the tree that are much cuter and less expensive than the Juicy ones. The RM laptop case is awesome.

  • rose60610

    I guess I’m guilty of being a tech abuser. I have a leather case for schlepping around my laptop, but I don’t care that my cell phone and camera are full of scratches. I like my stuff immediately accessible, unencumbered by cases. If I had an iPad I would buy a cover for it, but a generic one. I bought my husband an iPad and he put it in a generic cover. Earlier PF featured a Missoni laptop cover that was very tempting, though…

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      I am quite the tech abuser too, my brother (who seemingly holds his MP3 with gloves) laughs at the way my MP3 is all scratched up. It has paint stains from all my artistic ventures as well….

  • bonniesgirl

    I like iPad and Kindle covers WITHOUT zippers.

  • MS

    Love the USB! would make a great gift!

  • L

    A lot of the stuff is cute, but I feel like most of the stuff like this is overpriced and mainly for the looks. I love all the designer iPhone cases but I’d rather get something that is the best a protecting the phone.

  • fran

    The Marc by Marc ear buds are so cute. Good stocking stuffer

  • sara

    i love the earmuff headphones and the marc jacobs usb and earbuds! want want want

  • Anita

    I really like the Reed Krakoff and Balenciaga.

  • katia

    i love the muffs and the marc jacob usb! But love the marc jacob tech collection overall

  • Shana

    Love that Marc Jacobs

  • Kathryn

    the usb is adorable, and the ipad covers really make me want an ipad right about now

  • Allison

    I want all of them!!!