Why does Elie Tahari keep doing this to me? Do they know how hard it is to continually look at their bags, get all excited that they’re gorgeous, and then have to convince myself not to buy all of them so that I can pay rent and buy food? Do you think that the Elie Tahari Mira Tote is big enough for me to live in?

If I thought I could get plumbing installed, I would break my lease right now and move straight in to this beautiful bag. It’s incredibly soft, beautifully textured and big enough for even the most harried businesswoman but still casual enough to be carried on weekends. Elie Tahari, why can’t I quit you?

This bag might be a tad pricy, but it’s got the details and style of a much more expensive bag. Tahari seems to be poised to turn itself into a mid-range Valentino, at least in the accessories department – when I look at this bag, I see the same sort of plush, ornate luxury that is characteristic of some of Valentino’s leather bags. In that context, the price seems much more reasonable. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $898.

Perfectly Pink

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