miu miu  croc satchel

The next best thing to having a crocodile bag, is looking like you have a crocodile bag. Miu Miu is keeping on their toes by designing an embossed crocodile bag that is much more affordable and looks ultra chic. The Miu Miu Crocodile Embossed Patent Satchel is available in either luscious moror dark brown or creamy talco ivory. The hardware is goldtone which adds a classy appeal. There are top handles with rings, a removable shoulder strap, and a zip top closure. Choose moro (dark brown, shown) or talco (ivory) crocodile-embossed patent leather. Yummy via Saks for $1240.

Fab or Drab?

Nancy Gonzalez Ruched Crocodile Satchel

And she is at it again. The highly touted crocodile bag designer, Nancy Gonzalez, toned down the bright and jumping colors, to release exquisite mature and work friendly colors. The Nancy Gonzalez Ruched Crocodile Satchel is sophisticated chic and ready for the working lady, available in the grown up but not washed out colors of olive green or caramel crocodile. The shape is sophistication, the gold tone hardware is the perfect accent, the ruched body is subtle, and the double zip top is practical. I have said it time and time again, but if you are ga-ga for Croc, Nancy Gonzalez is your go-to gal. Pre order via Saks for $3250.

Michael Kors Leopard Print Satchel Simply put, this handbag is cheap and heinous. You would figure that any designer attempted to integrate leopard print into a handbag would do it carefully and with conviction, knowing that an animal print bag is truly hit or miss. Michael Kors got lazy with this bag, and put a few minutes into designing this sloppily done Michael Kors Leopard Print Satchel. I am aware that leopard print is leopard print, but I assure you that there is such thing as a tastefully done print. Even worse, this is satin with patent leather trim. Satin? Are you kidding me? A shiny material paired with a shiny leather makes for a bag that hurts my eyes. The handles are also patent leather, but awfully braided in a way that your eyes must look at it but really wish they never did. And even worse, there are braided patent ties that are threaded through metal grommets on the sides. It is like he could not just finish with the handles, he had to finish it up with a sure fire miss. Not a nice way to start your Monday, but I promise to bring something good to look at later today. Via eLuxury for $348.

Kate Spade Tracy Patent Satchel

Kate Spade bags are known to implement laid back style, but the Tracy Collection features some bags with a different feel for Spade. The Kate Spade Tracy Patent Satchel feels sporty with the perforation yet chic with the trendy red patent leather. For what you get, the price is very reasonable, considering that 14-karat yellow gold hardware is used. Easy to wipe off, tons of bold color, and a good size, 4 1/2″H x 14″W x 5″D, makes this Kate Spade number a perfect everyday bag contender. Via Neiman Marcus for $395 (under $400 with 14k gold and leather makes this bag a great deal!

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Satchel

No need to only carry safe colors in your handbag wardrobe. Personally, I would indulge in bright and bold colors as much as possible, especially with the bright summer months ahead of us. A shape that is classic and reminiscent of the LV Alma or Hermes Bolide, the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Satchel brings a refined shape with a blast of shiny fuchsia Caiman Fuscus crocodile. Because the jeans and a white tee trend are so solid, this designer handbag could be the perfect accessory to make your outfit pop. There is a detachable shoulder strap and suede lining on the inside. This bag packs a big punch, can you handle it? Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $2350.

Celine Bittersweet Large BagMy trip to Italy had some time for fun and much time for business. Vlad and I met up to scour the fashionable streets of Venice, and Kim joined me in Florence, to find out new info on handbags around the world. We hopped in Celine Florence yesterday to inquire about new styles, what is selling, and the perfection behind the simple Celine designs. Kim, who can be known as the gal who loves a good leather bag but hates a lot of fuss, was eyeing the Celine Bittersweet Large Bag. Simple enough for her taste but carrying a bang of style, this handbag features pebbled leather along with fine top stitching and polished metal hardware. The idea behind many Celine bags is to stay true to the beauty of the bag and let the simple elegance take over. The ruched pleats along the bottom add a little flair. Kim added that this handbag can easily be carried during the day or dressed up at night, but she wont take it to the grocery store :wink: . The size is rather large, but can fit plenty, 18″x 10″x 10″. Via eLuxury for $1200 or contact your local Celine boutique.

cole haan bagI think I have a mild prejudice against Cole Haan handbags. For the middle price range, I like to go with lesser known designers that can’t be so easily found at your local department store. Still, if I saw you toting this Cole Haan Village ruched satchel, I would ogle and demand to know where you obtained it. I’ve said it before, but I love pretty much anything with pleats, and this bag has got cute girly pleating down to a tee. There’s just enough that it looks playful and interesting without evoking an aging pug. The shape of the bag is very feminine overall, and the pleating works with the whole look. The little ovular buckles and white stitching down the middle add even more details to fawn over. Add then the Hermes fan’s favorite orange, a really fun hue for summer, and you have one irresistible, vibrant, and ladylike bag. And of course even if you don’t go to Cole Haan for innovations in design, you can count on them for quality craftsmanship and materials, and I’m sure this bag is a steal for $395 through Neiman Marcus. It also comes in a lovely beige with darker stitching. Buy yours now and tote it with pride!

zac posen handbagI’m really adoring this Zac Posen leather zip satchel. I don’t tend to buy white bags, and if you could see the floor of my dorm room, you’d understand why. The appeal of this bag is just what prevents me from pulling out the plastic for it – it’s beautifully, gorgeously clean! Eggshell white with little pure splashes of gold hardware, this bag is perfect for an enchanted spring and summer, where there is no dirt or evil. I’d love to see it worn with a lighter-than-air mint-green dress and white patent wedges. The shape is adorable, with little flounces at every edge, and Zac Posen’s signature hexagonal hardware is understated but perfectly in place. The strap is long enough to go over the shoulder for easy wear, and I’m falling in love with this bag the more I write about it! Must…stop…can’t…care…for…white…leather…! Sigh…if you’re tidier than me, by all means, pick up this beautiful satchel for $1,395 via Neiman Marcus, and please, be careful around ketchup and babies and inebriated friends.

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Satchel I have said it at least 100 times in 100 different entries, the whole over-zealous monogram pattern does not do it for me. I want the beauty of the bag to attract the attention, not the logofied style. Even worse is designers who do not typically use a monogram pattern, or have not found success with one, using it like it is hip. Gag me. Upon first glance of the Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Satchel, I thought of two things: ‘mmmmmkayyyyy’ by Mr. Mackey and Mary Kate Olsen. Those are two things you do not want a potential buyer to think of when looking at a Michael Kors bag. The shape is great, the leather trim is stunning, the push lock closure is cute, but the monogram-embossing makes me seriously laugh and want to gag all at once. Kors, stick to what you know works, simple bags without your initials splattered all over it. Especially when your initials will make people think of at least two totally opposite things. I mean really, who thinks of Michael Kors when they first see the initials MK? Not me. And that is not a good sign. Via eLuxury for $328.

Chloe Croc Paddington Satchel

Continuing on the bags that cost a small car, house, college tuition, etc, luxurious croc skins play a huge part in pricey bags. For an expensive handbag that states ‘I’m everyday chic but the real lux deal’, gaze at the Chloe Croc Paddington Satchel. An combination of the Paddington style that has permanently been etched into our brains and exotic chocolate crocodile, this handbag can easily work for daytime or evening wear. Golden hardware and studs accent the delicious chocolate croc. There is the signature padlock closure but I do wonder what this Paddington version is lined in. If this bag is merely lined in cloth, like the regular leather version, I will be beyond disappointed and utterly disgusted at the price. But the price! At just under $13k, this bag rivals that of an Hermes Birkin plus an extra $5k treat on the side (Hermes Kelly perhaps?) For the price, I am not sure the Paddington in any exotic is worth it. But if your money tree is growing nicely or you are just the biggest Chloe fan in the world, snatch the bag up quickly for a mere $12,880 through Saks.

Jimmy Choo Leather & Suede Satchel

Typically, I would prefer Jimmy Choo on my feet, but every so often Choo releases a bag that I fall for. I fall for it in the way that I enjoy looking at it, appreciate the craftsmanship, but will never buy it. Does that make it a bad handbag? Maybe that just means my bank account needs to totally lust for a bag to buy it, not just enjoy it. Either way, I am strongly ‘enjoying’ the Jimmy Choo Leather & Suede Satchel because of its laid back style, use of sheen calfskin alongside soft suede, and funky hardware. From the front view, the bag looks a bit bland, but shown from the side I love it. I’d wear it right to the resort or to the country club, heck, I’d wear it to the grocery store. You would have to be a bit careful with the bag, being that it is light in color and suede is harder to care for. If you could bring it into your handbag cycle, it would be a totally chic sporty bag. Side pockets, double shoulder straps, and a top zip closure finish off the bag. Dimensions are 10″H X 15″L X 6½”W. I am not running out to buy the bag, but I do ‘enjoy’ it thoroughly! Through Saks for $1895.

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Miu Miu Burlap Leather Drawstring Satchel

While most of the country and world are in heaps upon heaps of snow, I have been enjoying crisp and perfect 80 degree weather in South Florida. Don’t think I am rubbing it in, because I am merely here to heal my broken arm that I got while in the bitter cold; so I definitely feel your pain! Why don’t we all get on the same page and begin lusting after spring and summer bags. Nothing says warm weather like a tinge of green alongside a burlap body, like found in the Miu Miu Burlap Leather Drawstring Satchel. This bag is simple but lovely for the warm weather and completely durable for extensive everyday wear. The shoulder strap also sports the caribou leather with gold tone hardware. Simple but perfectly fun, measuring 14″H X 16″L X 5″W this bag is available via Saks for $795.