Juicy Couture Terry Stripe Small BowlerAssuming that I get married, have kids, and at least one of my kids is a girl; my future daughter will be a handbag addict, whether she wants to or not. Many of the fabulous women on tPF have indulged their little girls with all sorts of mini designer bags, and I won’t even lie, if I could, I would. For a pre-teen, the Juicy Couture Terry Stripe Small Bowler can have any drippy and gloppy lip gloss without a huge worry of the bag being ruined. The color scheme is perfect, with blue, yellow, and white striped terry cloth with a vinyl anchor Bumble Bee appliqué. On first glance, this bag was just another Juicy bag atrocity, but with a little more thought, it would be the perfect gift for a younger girl. Anyone need a gift idea- try this! Via eLuxury for $165.

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  • Sierra

    This is the cutest bag ever my best friend Kennedie has it. But the only thing is is that she and i are only 12 so we’re spoiled rotten

  • Nicole

    this bag is so cute! :grin:
    i am 12 as well
    and i have a bowler juicy bag
    which i have to say is nicer but i am not bragin
    juocy are wonderfull bag!
    go coutre yurself!

  • jamii

    its sorta cute…but at the same timeee
    i would hate it if it was mineee
    people at my high school would be makin fun of meee
    sooo uggglayyyy :???:
    but not puke ugly

  • lalalala

    its ok 4 like a 8 year old :shock: , because of the bummble bee theme, i am 12 aso i have lots of juicy stuff :!: , but try to get more stuff with like only 2 colors not 4 like this bag :wink: , but like the other person said its not puke ugly! :lol:

  • Emma

    i absolutely love this bag. I know it’s kind of old and they don’t sell it in stores anymore. Where can i buy one? Does anyone know?

    Please email me back:


  • Naggy

    It looks like it belongs to a school kid. (ipad)