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Presenting the Prada Buckle Bag

A Marriage of Elegance and Functionality. In Collaboration with Prada.

Prada Buckle Bag with Belt Feature

While I believe a bag collection should contain ample options and sizes, the bag size I will forever be drawn to most is the everyday carry. This is a bag that is integral due to its functionality and usability, and Prada continues to be a brand that I have looked to for decades now for its family of carry-alls.

This bag is set to become a standout, introduced first in the SS24 show and carried over to the recent FW24 show. The new Prada Buckle bag embodies the duality Prada is known for, intertwining elegance and functionality to offer a sophisticated design.

This bag feels classically Prada.

The Aesthetic and Belt Detail

Prada Large Buckle in Black on Model
Prada Large Buckle Bag in Black, Pinstripe Wool Jacket and Shorts, Satin Mules

The clean aesthetic of the bag feels so welcoming, while the standout design element is the buckle and belt. This defining element is meant to highlight the brand’s stylistic codes while allowing the wearer to add their personal touch.

While the belt is meant to be decorative, you can also interchange it with how you style it, which further enriches the bag.

You can remove it entirely if you’d like, leave it open, or close it and let the bag feel like it’s a bit more condensed at the top, allowing for different looks.

Even from photos, you can see the richness of the leather, and Prada’s supple, complete leather offerings have always been some of my favorites.

The bag itself is crafted from supple leather, and while you won’t find the Prada triangle, you will find the Prada lettering logo, which is embossed in 22-karat gold leaf.

Nice touch.

Prada Medium Buckle in Caramel
Prada Medium Buckle Bag in Caramel, Georgette Dress, Satin Mules, Cape

The interior is quite roomy, with equally soft Nappa leather and a center pocket separating the bag into two distinct areas. This is probably one of the most significant selling points for me, someone who craves organization and ease of use, and this makes the bag gain so many points when it comes to functionality.

Speaking of functionality, the detachable, adjustable shoulder strap again allows you to make this bag work for you – from a maximum length of 110 cm (43″) to a minimum of 100 cm (39″) and a maximum drop of 55 cm (22″) with a minimum of 50 cm (20″).

This further allows this bag to check off versatility marks, which is an absolute must when it comes to a carry-all bag.

This bag shines as an example of the best of Prada — from the premium leather material to the buckle belt detail that brings extra life to the versatility in styling options. There are different sizes; small, medium, and large, and multiple colorways.

Prada Medium Buckle with Appliques
Prada Medium Buckle Bag with Appliqués, Georgette Dress, Silk Cape

As always, pairing this design with Prada’s RTW and shoes gives a complete, elevated look. Options range from flowy tops to mini shorts, again giving the juxtaposition and duality of design that Prada dances on so nicely.

Discover the new Prada Buckle Bag now!

The Making-Of Video

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