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All that Glitters is Gold for Prada Holiday

This festive collection is ready for your holiday dressing.

Prada Holiday 2022 Campaign

The joy of dressing and picking out the perfect bag increases tenfold around the holidays, a time of year filled with cheer and happiness. With all of the holiday parties and events, having a collection that embodies the delightful nature of the season brings additional excitement. Prada offers a gold and crystal-filled collection this season to allow you to shine.

No really, you can shine with the Prada Holiday Collection, one that enchants you with clothing, bags, and footwear specially designed for the festive season. Sparkling crystal accents, sophisticated tailoring, and handbags that draw attention and reflect cheerful delight round out this special collection.

Crystal Sensation

We have to start with the bag you are sure to see people vying for, the bag that is an immediate crowd stand-out: this gold and crystal-covered Prada Cleo.

Prada Cleo with Crystals
Prada Cleo satin bag with crystals
Prada Cleo Brushed Platinum
Prada Cleo brushed leather shoulder bag

The black and silver version of this bag made its way onto the arms of the fashion handbag elite in the past couple of years, and I expect this bag to do the same quickly. This bag exudes the Prada spirit as it’s feminine, elegant, modern, and has the right additional whimsical fun. The satin body is covered with crystals of different sizes that catch the light and shine gloriously. This bag is such a standout it is sure to have everyone talking and quickly become an iconic accessory.

Prada Crystal Galleria
Prada Galleria satin mini-bag with crystals

Speaking of crystals, Prada offers various other beloved styles, including the Prada Galleria. The mini size of the bag offers the same satin body with various sizes of crystals covering the body of the bag, which adds a playful and glimmering touch. In fact, these crystal-covered bags feel like you are carrying jewelry, an extension of what you already accessorize with, but in a more notable manner.

Prada Panier with Crystals Detail
Prada Panier satin bag with crystals

Closing out the trio of crystal bags is the Prada Panier. This elegant shape allows for optimal use while retaining a more discernable size. With the same all-over crystal treatment on the exterior and interior, you’ll find a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and Nappa lining with a center pocket. This bag has dimensions of 16cm H x 9.5cm L x 15cm W.

Prada ReEdition 1995 Platinum Detail
Prada Re-Edition 1995 brushed-leather mini handbag

More Gold

For other gold-leather options, the Prada Re-Edition 1995 Mini Handbag is dressed up in a gold, almost liquid-like, finish that Prada calls platinum. This elegant and geometric silhouette is defined by its distinct, minimalist lines. There’s also the Prada Galleria in platinum Saffiano, which is Prada’s iconic leather and is defined by its crosshatch texture and waxed finish, which makes for a very elegant and durable bag.

As the light hits these bags, it is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, a cheery and positively playful view of the handbags we already carry, adding an interesting and spirit-lifting standpoint.

The Garments and Accessories

While the bags abound and there is an option for everyone, the clothing is equally alluring. From classic black ensembles with a modern and playful twist to gold lame and crystal-covered dresses, the Prada Holiday Collection is one of the most well-rounded and stunning assortments. This collection shares in the joy of giving equally as much as the thrill of receiving, as this Prada Holiday collection will be the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Embellished satin and leather mini pouch
Embellished satin and leather mini-pouch
Cardholder with shoulder strap and crystals
Cardholder with shoulder strap and crystals

The emblematic triangle shape is also intertwined in this collection, as it’s one of the most important codes of the House. You can find a dazzling triangular mini pouch that features one crystal side, with the other being glossy gold leather. This compact Prada Cardholder with Shoulder Strap and Crystals also aligns with the trend of more phone and card-carrying cases as stand-alone accessories.

Discover the Prada Holiday Collection


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