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  • Puja Wahi

    I really like the 4th one.

  • GoanLit

    4, 7, and 8 get my vote

  • laura

    That woven tote is great.

  • Amanda

    I think you are spot on with how difficult it can be to maintain a brand, and incorporate styles that are available at more accessible price points. I am so happy they’ve freshened up their silhouettes and moved away from the chunky hardware. I hope they’ve also begun to realise that putting in a little extra effort into their craftsmanship will also benefit their company.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Nice bags but go easy on the edge paint please!

  • Kristoffer

    The designs are way too reminiscent of the inspirations- Chanel Boy, Celine Box Bag, and even Kate Spade. Same pony with everyone else’s tricks.

    • FashionableLena

      Maybe I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other because I don’t see any of the references that you are making in any of the bags. Not defending the brand in the least.
      Kate Spade is, at least to me, a whimsical brand. I’ve never gotten whimsy from MMK. That Box Bag is not a new shape, silhouette or design. I remember my grandmother (who’s 85) carrying similar bags to church over 30 years ago. I definitely don’t see Chanel Boy as that’s an edgy bag. Nothing I see screams edgy.

      • Evelyn36598

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    • Imgoingbroke

      So well said. Also the black and white strap bags look so dated. Nope.

    • Andre Meaux

      I agree! This is what made MK bags popular in the first place, they’re like replicas of higher-end bags…and the bags showcased in this article are not only replicas of higher-end brands but they look COACH-esque also…not that there’s anything wrong with Coach, I’m a huge Coach fan.

      • Kristoffer

        Coach has been putting out some gorgeous items as of late! Big fan of the Swagger and Rogue.

  • Bir

    heres my issue with the Brand …. before i go on the vivian woven tote is actually pretty good looking!!
    Balenciaga-loewe-ish but good looking. still my true issue with this Brand is that i just can not understand why they dont add another name to the base line MMK MICHAEL KORS i mean its just as bad as Marc by Marc jacobs. european brands seem to get it right !! eg. See by Chloe or Just Cavalli … the dont calle them Robbie cavalli or marrant izi,but when you keep the desighners name full on. and just add some other confusing detail based on the same name, to me it destroys the true origin of the Brand. and hurts the top end ítems that come from the same designer, RRL or what ever Ralph Laurens.lauren Ralph lauren.,polo Ralph lauren ….names are. AMERICANS have to change this naming of their more affordable baby brands……………… just saying because this is the place to say…. best . Bir.

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    The Jessica looks like a nice design. But one of my problems with MMK is the quality (or lack thereof) of the leather. I suspect it’s an extremely heavy bag, and that on close inspection the hardware looks and feels cheap.

    • Imgoingbroke

      Slide 2 with the tacky super shiny goldtone hardware probably weighs down the bag tremendously.

    • Giselle

      I had MK bag (not anymore), the quality of leather and hardware was pretty good. I have high end brands, so I can compare. But maybe these were good old days.

    • Vicenzo Leather

      The Vivian Woven bag doesn’t look bag either. But it does look heavy to me me too especially being woven.

    • Chronic

      I have some smaller MK bags in a soft leather that is absolutely wonderful. My saffiano leather tote is holding up beautifully. I found, however, that the goldtone on the zipper pull of my saffiano tote has worn off a bit. All in all I don’t have any issues with the quality of the leather. To each his own.

  • psny15

    Again the team at MK has zero creativity and copies others bags as they always do

    is this a paid post because i cannot see one reason why you would praise it

    Michael Kors did a very funny thing, they merged the lower end brand to the higher end brand and have one logo, the lower end consumer thinks of Michael Kors as a high end brand and pays a premium but get a poor quality!

    Id much rather buy coach or kate spade than MK

    • Sly

      You are thinking of Marc Jacobs. Michael has not merged his lower end brand with his higher end brand.

  • Sparkletastic

    I don’t understand why MK can’t produce interesting brands that aren’t copy cats of what others are doing. You can’t tell me that they can’t hire designers eager to develop a unique style point of view.

    I see Gucci in #2, Fendi in #6…Just stop MK. You’re making me weary. You won’t win me over by simply removing the gaudy gold tag. Do something fun and unique.

  • Yazi

    These are lovely and I know I’m going to add a few of these to my collection. Whatever people may say about MK, the modern designs and accessible prices make it a good brand to buy from.

    Maybe I can’t afford Celine or Bottega Veneta but those bags above are pretty enough!

  • lavinia

    I agree. I know what you say about MK over there in USA but believe me you have worst designers (Rebecca Minkoff do the worst bags ever seen! Proenza Schouler so famous and so bad in accessories, Marc Jacobs their bags are not really “it bags”, Coach getting worst every season), but you always have to say something on MK, which in my opinion is doing every day better and better. I add that we as italians have very refined tastes and we do not trust easily, but MK is doing well here in Italy. They do not pretend to be Chanel, they want to be on the market and sell. And they do it.

    • Yazi


    • Jessica

      Disagree about proenza! Great bags, the ps1 is a bag I see carried around everyday. I have a ps11 and love it, it’s my everyday bag.

      • lavinia

        I respect you, you have your taste it’s ok, but to me the PS1 seems to be a school bag.

      • Imgoingbroke

        Totally agree. It’s an overpriced boring book bag.

      • ReneeO

        Me too. LOVE Proenza.

    • Chronic

      Thanks for this! MK is very popular in Sweden as well. No one here is knocking the quality and one of my French friends who works in haute couteur really loves them. No, they are not edgy and fashion snobs will stick up there noses at them, but for a frigging handbag that is somewhat affordable they do their job. Yes, the market is saturated by them and I see a lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs here as well. But young women on somewhat limited budgets can afford them. I have some and they are good quality. I have gotten caught in the rain and even spilled a latte on one. No problem. I bought my daughter a Mulberry Bayswater made in England and it had to be sent back for some major repairs after three years. My bags are holding up just fine. My daughter also owns a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag and it looks good but my MKs are more functional. To each his own.

  • Tinsley Proust

    Even if MMK decided to put out original designs, the quality is still heinous and it still doesn’t change the fact that in the past, 99% of their bag silhouettes were copied.

    • Chronic

      Not sure what bags you are seeing with heinous quality but don’t you think that if the bags were such bad quality that people would stop buying them? The people I hear complaining about quality are those who have never owned any MK bags. I an sure there can be quality issues occasionally, as there are in any mass-produced product but it is the exception and not the rule.

  • Sara

    Strange….I would like all these bags if MK logo wasn’t on them!!! I think his reputation has ruined any new stuff he may come out with. He has in the past blatantly copied everyone…yes.. to a certain degree they all copy each other but MK struggles to come up even with his own identity.

    • Sparky

      I agree. Very nice bags – If only I could pry off the logo and cover the holes…

      • Vicenzo Leather

        I love the look of the Vivian Woven bag.

  • 8Lovelee .

    “Even when bags are objectively attractive, fashion’s classism rears its ugly head”…Yep!

  • Slide 8 is cute but I don’t trust MMK enough to spend money on their bags and discover a few weeks later that what you are toting around is a blatant knockoff. Some of their sandals are cute but it really ends there.

  • Lisa

    Nope. I just can’t spend money supporting a copycat brand with no original ideas.

  • Tang

    My problem with Michael Kors is that whenever I see his bag, his face comes into my mind (project runway killed it). That is to me a big problem bcos it puts me off from buying his bags. I like brands that has designers who are “faceless”. Similarly, Karl lagerfield has his own cheap line of bags but I wouldn’t buy it for the same reason. I know Marc by Marc Jacobs but his name has got no face in my mind. So the bags and designs will speak to me first. It like how I will not buy Kendall + Kylie collection bcos I know their faces and simply cannot identify or agree with their lifestyles.

  • Vicky

    I like the 1 & 5.

  • Doodles78

    I see Alaia as well…..

  • Andre Meaux

    Ugh, not impressed. I feel COACH is offering more innovative and visually-appealing items.

  • sdaniels

    For the price range they are great bags. MMK is not interested in converting IT bag carriers to their brand but have succeeded in creating a new pool of bag fashionistas who are new entrants to the bag designers world. No other brand comes close . It’s called knowing your target market and delighting them.

    • Vicenzo Leather

      So true. Once you are able to understand you market and target them to meet their need you will do fine.

  • Irene

    Love the first paragraph! Well written! Pretty much sums up luxury goods market and fashion shopping :)

  • Amazona

    Still a no. I do see one bag that isn’t too bad (1/9), but the rest…well, let’s just say that when you manage to make a bag that looks like it’s a halfway copy of Celine Luggage and stick on a pocket that immaculately copies a Furla Metropolis, you know you’re in trouble. All I see are wannabe bags. Mulberry Kite, Coach Rogue…so, still no love for MMK.

  • ReneeO

    I know that’s there’s only so much one can do with designs but MK copies so blatantly that I would never ever consider any MK bag just out of principle. Unbelievable!! No clue on the quality cuz I can’t get past the copying.