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Summer Fruit Fun with Kate Spade Bags

Who said your bag can't be whimsical?

I find summer a far easier time to opt for novelty bags, though one could argue its winter counterparts exist as well. The thing is, I find a themed summer item to be just the right addition of playful fun, and when it comes to novelty bags, Kate Spade always delivers.

It’s a bit on the nose, but in this case, I don’t mind it, and for summer picnics and long sun-filled days turned into summer nights, one of these fruit-themed bags may be what your summer wardrobe craves.

Sweet Bags

Both watermelons and lemons are integral summer fruits, one giving off more of a nod to lemonade stands, ice-cold lemon water, and Italian trips, while watermelons send my mind into beach time and poolside lunches on hot summer days. Normally, I would think it’s a bit too quirky for my taste, but again, this is precisely why I love bags.

While the main reason we carry a bag is for practicality, as in carrying the items we need, it is also a fashion statement we are able to make and to show off our personality. I’m not a brand loyalist at all, and I don’t stray from bold colors or quirky designs. These Kate Spade bags offer just that, and in this case, it’s a sweet thing!

Kate Spade Lemon Drop Wicker

Kate Spade Lemon Drop Raffia Top Handle
Kate Spade Lemon Drop Straw

Kate Spade Watermelon Bag

Kate Spade Watermelon Crescent Crossbody
Kate Spade Watermelon Coin Purse

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