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  • PJ Gambler

    The thought of buying and using someone else’s bag that carried their snotty Kleenex, etc is just repulsive to me. So I’d never buy a pre-loved bag for even a penny. If I can’t afford new, I do not purchase.

    • T Tara Bagnista

      I generally agree with you about “used” items; however, with Hermes isn’t there also a question of availability in their boutiques?

    • Mel

      Typically the bags in these auctions haven’t been used at all because they’re bought with the intention of selling them later. Also get over yourself.

    • Passerine

      I don’t see anything wrong with buying a pre-loved bag that’s in pristine or near-pristine condition. I’ve even sold a bag like that on Anns Fabulous Finds. BUT Mel’s comment below “because they’re bought with the intention of selling them later” is what bugs me about these auction and web sites for Hermes bags. Sorry, I just don’t get into the whole extreme profiteering that goes on in the second-hand Hermes market. I buy a bag because I like the bag, not because I see piles of dollar signs every time I look at it.

      • PJGambler

        Agree with your assessment; plus after Mel’s snarky comment at the end, I discounted everything she said prior to it!

  • Sarah

    I love all of these! I’ve been dying for a Kelly, might be time to follow this auction and snag one

    • You and me both sista!

      • T Tara Bagnista

        Affectionately, I say all y’all are a bad influence on my pocketbook. :-) Based on your post, I signed up for the auction and won a Kelly. It’s my first Hermes bag. It’ll be shipped out this week. I can’t wait to see it in person! Keep up the good work.

    • Go for it! I bought my first Hermes from Christie’s a few months ago!

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  • Susan

    I actually love Hermes pre-loved bags.
    I’m looking for a 60’s Kelly because they have a beautiful patina that you just can’t buy new.