Coach has asked PurseBlog’s Megs to be a guest blogger on for the month of October. We want to include our PurseBlog readers in guest blogging for Coach by having you help tell us your favorite bag from the upcoming Madison collection.

PurseBlog will be covering the new collection, set to launch September 29th, and we will feature whatever bag our PurseBlog readers and TPF members choose – along with a matching giveaway (which will coincide with the guest blog on

Please let us know your favorite from the collection by voting in this poll. Thank you!

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Click the images for a full-sized view with the name of the bag!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • putri

    JEWELED SOPHIA! oh my that’s awesome, reminds me a bit of sabbatha bags

    • I think the Jeweled Sophia is so cool too! I voted for it myself :)

      • mikoism

        Coach needs you more than you need Coach. Because their bag styles have been consistently falling off!

  • Kristin

    Why not the GORGEOUS floral appliqued Sophia??? *THAT* is the most beautiful bag to date.

    • I agree 100%, but it is on back order because of an Oprah plug, so we are not covering it :(

  • baglady39

    Love the jeweled, but also agree with Kristin that the floral Sophia is FAB!! One of my fav new fall bags!!

  • lisa m.

    Where has that gathered sophia been all my life? I have to have that bag. It is gorgeous.

  • Sarah

    The gathered Sophia is absolutely gorgeous.

  • courtney

    As the owner of the Floral Sophia, which is incredible, I would love to give it a sister in the form of the gathered Sophia (and definitely in that grey). I love that bag – it’s totally on my wish list!

  • 19yearslater

    Always here to be a good citizen, ha ha. I voted for the patent, that red is to die for.

  • Patricia

    The Madison patent – I lust after that red!

  • Christina

    Gathered Sophia all the way!!!

  • Mama M

    Love the red patent!

  • baglady39

    Actually, I backordered my floral Sophia weeks ago, so I already have it, but I do know that JAX still has 20 in stock if someone wants one!

  • Paola O

    Gathered Sophia looks beautiful and versatile! i want it!

  • Lydia

    Definitely the Jeweled Sophia!! Perfection.

  • Beth S.

    I’m sorry, but it seems to me like Coach has completely lost its way and doesn’t know where to turn! They used to be such a fine leather company… simple, refined, classic styles impeccably made in top-of-the-line leathers. Then they turned to logo canvas and that wasn’t SO bad… until they had beaten it like a gasping, dead horse. (And every counterfeiter on the face of the planet had copied it.) Then it was the coated canvas ala LV, Tod’s, and Goyard. Then Poppy (fun, shiny, bright, sequin-y.) Somewhere in there they brought back some of the classic styles, but couldn’t seem to hold their focus. Now? I can’t tell WHAT their vision is… These bags run the gamut from b-o-r-i-n-g to HOT MESS. Where is the VISION? I truly think Coach has Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • louch

    Totally agree with Beth S. These bags are so all over the place. Wouldn’t vote for any of them.

  • whit

    in order to survive you either have to make something special enough to charge an obscene price for it giving the illusion of power and status; that can be made timeless OR you have to charge a fair price and continue to change, change, change.

    coach had kept their style relatively same for a while (designs were starting to look similar and it still does this a bit, if you look at their Mia collection its much like the tribeca and the mia maggie is not so different from the madison maggie)

    but guess what people were saying to that? (the ones that buy, and they are slightly more important then those who just observe)

    “boring, boring borrrrrrrrrring”

    and it didn’t sell as well.

    i guess time will tell whether this ‘change’ will help increase their coffers or not.

  • Lisa

    Madison Patent Sophia all the way. Definitely makes a bold statement!!

  • Adrienne zedella

    i’m liking the Jeweled Sophia even though it’s a BIT too busy, it’s better than the other ones and useable as a casual bag. Alittle bling with jeans is just fine with me!

  • LV-nowwhat

    Hi not really a Coach fan but I bought the gathered Madison in this gray. I bought the large size as it comes in 2 sizes. I love it and have received many compliments. It is a great bag!!!

  • Cindy Moore

    I love the Coach Jeweled Sophia! Very nice!

  • gacats

    The Gathered Sophia seems like it will have “legs” to it- in other words, timeless compared to the other choices. I like a bag that will be good in the years to come. (fb)

  • Jane

    Well…. I like the style of the bags… but 1 is too “gathery” 2 is too “jewely” 3 is too “snakey” and 4 is “shiny”.

    Can Coach make one in a nice leather without all the bling?

  • carmencatalina

    Much to my surprise, I like the jeweled Sophia best – it is a bit over-the-top, but what a fun weekend bag!

  • amy2951

    the Gathered Sophia caught my eye immediately!!

  • Stacy

    love the red but not the patent, the jewelled bag is reminiscent of Prada’s jewelled bag that debuted awhile ago, then disappeared (thank goodness), and the gathered bag is just ugly – not apealing to me, personally, at all. the only half-way decent bag being shown here is the emossed python and even that is iffy.

    I have to agree with Beth S…. “They used to be such a fine leather company – Where is the VISION?”

  • Karin bag4bag

    Have to vote for the Coach Madison Python embossed shoulder bag. It would look awesome with jeans during the day and with black at night. Paton is ‘done’ by so many and often looks tacky – sorry, the Coach gathered Sophia looks classy but too old for Coach buyers, whereas the Jeweled Sophia looks too similar to other bejeweled wonders.

  • Fashion-Fanboy

    I really like the Python and the Gathered one ! They are very pretty !
    Although I’m not a HUGE fan of coach, I do think these bags are really nice :)
    The grey color on both of those bags I really love ! The last one and the jeweled one are good too ! :)
    Although I have to say that I’m not too fond of the jewels on the second bag… I’m not quite sure why, but it just doesn’t appeal to me…
    The red one I like though ! I LOVE shiny things ! That is why I LOVE the Monogram Vernis ! Of course this one is in another material other than the Vernis, but I like it the way it is :).

  • Miss. Crystal

    I have the large Gathered Sophia in black with gold hardware and it is beautiful. Its hard to tell the true beauty and quality of this bag through a picture, especially in gray but I love mine!

  • Me

    I vote for the patent. The rest are just hideous.

  • Jen

    voted for the red just to vote and of all of them like this red the best. I am not a fan or Coach nor do I ever plan on purchasing a Coach bag.

  • Maria

    Love the coach Madison Embossed Python!

  • Sarah

    I love the Jeweled Sophia!!!

  • Olga

    The jeweled sophia is fresh.. I love red patent, but where have we not seen that already? Python, eh. Nothing new. The gathered captured me but something was missing to give it that OOMPH! Thats why I chose the jeweled sophia, its different.

  • fun

    I don’t like any of them. Coach is overrated. The last Coach I bought – and yes it was authentic – fell apart on me. I’ll never put good money down on one of these again.

  • JenG

    Love the red patent!

  • Elly

    Speaking of Coach, are you going to cover their new Reed Krakoff line?

  • kathy

    voted for the Coach Gathered Sophia and I really like the Python one too and the patent, not wild about the jeweled one but that is just me

    Coach always seems to have something to bring me back to them, even when I thought I was done with the brand

    and I can not wait for the Reed Krakoff line

  • Suzanne

    Sorry but I think there all ulgy. I’ll stay with my Harvey seatbelt bags. That are handmade in the USA & pretty!!

  • Nicole O.

    Definitely the Gathered Sophia!

  • Maureen

    I want to win a #CoachSophiaSatchel

  • AshleyAmanda

    I am In love with the Gathered and Jewel Sophia, Even though I love sparkle and shine on the featured Jewel Bag, I think the Gathered Sophia has a modern, edgy class that Is new and hasn’t already been done.

  • justpeachy

    I am a lover of Coach Hand Bags cant wait to receive my next one for Christmas! I have my wish list ready. I voted for the Coach Jeweled Sophia, wonderful for the weekend.

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I have the Gathered Sophia and I am in love with it! (ipad)

  • Lorene Schmidt

    I was fortunate enough to receive a Coach gathered Sophia from my son Chris and my very good friend, Todd for Christmas and I absolutely adore it!!!! Many compliments everywhere I go, as well!!