Take me to church, Jennifer Garner

Including…Robert Downey Jr.? YES!

Their bags are no worse for the wear

The face of Dior has a new Dior favorite

Remember Rockstuds? Well you’re about to get reacquainted

If you like supermodels, actresses, picturesque luxury vacations and designer bags, well: we’re about to make your day

Hermès is having a great week, but that’s probably always true of Hermès, in some sense

Prepare to be enthralled.

Cannes arrivals and a London P.Diddy party make for premium handbag viewing

Plus: a return to form for Lady Gaga

Valentino, Chanel, & Mansur Gavriel are just a few of the not-so-basic black bags we found in the supermodel’s personal collection

Plus: Lisa Vanderpump has a mystery bag!