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I’m Newly Obsessed With the Jil Sander Sphere Bag

Thank you, Instagram...

Like most of us fashion lovers, or really anyone on the planet with a cell phone, I spend way too much time scrolling Instagram. For the second year in a row, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to spend less time on my phone. While some days I succeed, admittedly, most often I do not. I truly have a love/hate relationship with Instagram and social media in general, for that matter.

While I love to post pictures of my outfits and what I’m doing/eating/drinking, I also love to keep up with what the rest of my little bubble is doing. Whether it’s the latest cocktail bar that just popped up downtown that my old friend’s sister’s friend tried out or that buzz-worthy brand a stranger is wearing, my feed offers endless inspiration of places to see, be seen, and what to wear to said places.

A Quiet Luxury Mini Bag

The other day I was doing my usual nightly scroll when a post stopped me in my tracks. I needed to know what that “cool little bag” model turned swimwear designer Candice Swanepoel was wearing.

Candice Swanepoel Jil Sander Bag
image via @candiceswanepoel

In perfect quiet luxury fashion, I quickly discovered it wasn’t some new brand or obscure indie bag brand. Rather, the little mini bag that caught my eye was by German minimalist designer and favorite of the street style set, Jil Sander.

Jil Sander Sphere Bag
Jil Sander Sphere Bag via Saks Fifth Ave

Defined by its tiny shape and unique, sphere-embellished top handle, its silhouette is slouchy and relaxed with a touch of elegance. The gold sphere is not only a statement-making detail but also acts as the bag’s closure, sliding inside the leather strap on the opposite side of the bag and forming a handle.

While this bag is tiny, it’s not meant to act as an everyday carry; it’s meant to be a talking piece, the final touch to your outfit. I love how this bag is both unique and under the radar simultaneously, making me give Jil Sander’s bags a second look. Purchase via Saks for $1,080.


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11 months ago

I had to open the link to see what this bag actually looks like. Seriously, terrible selection for photos. Do we care to see the model with her hands over her boobs. Not really. So, about the bag… it does not appear large enough to hold a cell phone. I do not know anyone who goes anywhere without a cell phone these days, so what is the point? I recently purchased the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodi Tubular with the description of Approx. 11″H x 9.1″W x 3.1″D to wear to a fund raising gala. What they don’t say is that the actual bag is a small pouch nestled inside the tubes, that is too small to hold a cell phone. Bummer. Could not use it for my event and not sure when I will have the opportunity to wear it.

Megs Mahoney Dusil
Megs Mahoney Dusil
11 months ago
Reply to  CPL JD

Added another pic to show it better!

11 months ago

Tres chic!

3 months ago

Hi, I work at the Jil Sander Store in Woodbury and we carry this gorgeous lil bag ! If anyone is looking to find one at a great outlet deal feel free to message me 🙂