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Any Shopping Bag, Any Size: The Telfar Rainbow Opens September 23rd

Telfar continues its a bag for everyone plan

While many of the storied fashion brands continue with waitlists and scarcity (whether it’s a tactic or a true problem is up for debate by many), Telfar has taken the polar opposite approach. As the excitement and fervor for Telfar bags grew, designer Telfar Clemens took the approach of opening up pre-orders and his bag security program. This time the Telfar Rainbow will mean any Telfar Shopping Bag – any size, any color – until they sell out is available to you.

Telfar often repeats that his idea is not for his bags to be placed on resale marked at an upcharge; instead, he wants the bag to be for all, insisting that “We are not about hype and scarcity. The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community.” Even with rapid growth and icons like Beyonce proclaiming, “This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them sh*** in storage,” Clemens has not wavered from his ideals for his bags, and this makes Telfar one of the most beloved brands by many.

The Details

On Friday, September 23rd at Noon EST, you can order any Telfar shopping bag in any size and any color with no wait. This is only for the famed Shopping bags, and the bags will be available until they sell out. Each bag will ship within 1-4 weeks, and for this Rainbow program, one major difference is there are no limits.

Though there will be bags for many, I anticipate a sellout event, so you will want to set your alarm to grab the bag you’ve been eying. I have four Telfar bags myself, and I find the medium to be just the right size for everything from my items to my kids’ items and more. There are a small, medium, and large, along with 37 colorways to pick from.

Discover more info on the Telfar Rainbow Program now!


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