CC 84: The Shopaholic With a Soft Spot for Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga
CC 83: The Classic Bag  Lover Who Scored Her Holy Grail on a Whim
CC 82: The Young Journalist With Shopaholic Tendencies
CC 81: The Self-Proclaimed Bag Whore
CC 79: The BBag Lover With a Calculated Bag-Buying Approach


CC 78: The Celine Lover With a Passion for Sustainability
CC 77: The Classic Bag Lover
CC 76: The LA Bag Lover Who Traded Modern Chanels for Vintage
CC 75: She Adores Bags, But Loves How They Make Her Feel Even More
CC 74: The Celine Lover With a Passion For Learning About Bags
CC 73: The Small Bag Lover Who Is Ready to Shy Away from Logos

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