With all the new spring arrivals that have started showing up for pre-order at online retailers, the PurseBlog team has returned back to basics for this week’s Want It Wednesday. Yep, that’s right, we’re craving handbags and leather goods this week, plus one particularly sparkly cuff to set it all off. (more…)

It’s been a couple of weeks since we were able to celebrate the completion of another half of a work week with Want It Wednesday, but the holidays have gone on their merry way and we’re back to shopping online while we work. We’ve got our eyes on some new stuff for spring, should it ever get here, and you can check it out below. (more…)

With all of our wish list-making and gift guide-assembling and generalized shopping, you’d think that we’d be a little tapped out when it comes to our ability to find new things that tempt our wallets. You’d be wrong! This week-before-Christmas edition of Want It Wednesday is as want-y as ever, if slightly more cozy than usual. (more…)

With all the pretend-shopping we’ve been doing on your behalf lately (thank us later), you’d think we’d be all shopped out. Au contraire! That’s one of the requirements for employment at PurseBlog: both a desire and ability to shop endlessly, both for yourself and others. Today, on our latest edition of Want It Wednesday, we’re back to doing it for us. (more…)

Did you realize that after this edition of Want It Wednesday, we only have three more left until we hit 2014? Not to scare you or anything, of course, but I thought it was worth a mention, in case you had some stuff on your to-do list that you wanted to knock off before the calendar flips again. Time to get cracking on learning to cook, reading more books or getting your spending under control! If you have no such aspirations (we do not), check out the list of things that the PurseBlog team is craving this week, after the jump. (more…)

With Black Friday deals looming in just two short days, you’d think that we could put our nascent acquisitiveness on hold for 48 hours while we wait to see where things fall (namely, where prices fall) after the biggest sale day of the year comes to pass. You’d be wrong! Our desire to shop knows literally no bounds, so today’s Want It Wednesday is full of things that we’d like to own, even at full price. (more…)

Did you know that Thanksgiving is next week? I genuinely did not have any idea that was the case until yesterday, when one of my PurseBlog teammates hauled me into the present and reminded me that the end of the year is hurtling at us at a fever pitch. That sounds kind of intimidating, right? I think it does, so let’s slow it down, even if it’s only for a few minutes, with our customary Want It Wednesday festivities. (more…)

Friday the 13th is unlucky, but what about Wednesday the 13th? Are there any elaborate social beliefs around things that happen on this particular day? If not, we’d like to make some up, since we’re pretty sure that’s how the whole Friday the 13th thing got started anyway. A big sister was trying to terrorize her little brother and she had already tried convincing him that he was adopted, to no avail, probably. (I’m a big sister. I know how this goes.) Alas, I likely can’t turn Wednesday the 13th into a tradition, but I can turn it into Want It Wednesday. That’s the kind of magic I possess. (more…)

Originally, when I wrote the title of this post (which is the first thing that I do with every post), the word “October” creeped in. Having to delete it and replace it with “November” is a pretty jarring reminder that time marches forward despite our inept human complaints. As you guys well know, around here we like to deal with the inevitability of human existence in the only way we know how: with a rousing Want It Wednesday full of things we’d all like to own. (more…)

Some weeks, the PurseBlog team’s sartorial obsessions are in sync with some sort of theme – a particular color palette, a category of clothing, a material or texture. This week, they’re all over the place, ranging from tough motorcycle jackets to pretty jacquard dresses that just scream to be taken to an upcoming holiday party. Below, check out what our team members are lusting after this week. (more…)

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