I am still fighting on heroically in my quest to find an awesome yet appropriately inexpensive mini crossbody bag, and for some reason, I just can’t pull the trigger on any of the ones that I find that I really like. I’ve gotten to be something of a miser with my money lately, for no immediately obvious reason, and I’m having a difficult time swiping my debit card for anything. For something a bit spendy? Forget it?

I will admit, however that the L.A.M.B. Acid Houndstooth Darlington Crossbody gave me pause for more than a moment. What I haven’t yet decided is whether or not I’m a little embarrassed about that.

I like the graphic, modern interpretation of houndstooth, but I think that perhaps the pattern has been redone in a similar way by one too many companies wishing to hawk their wares at Hot Topic. It appeals to the 15-year-old emokid wearing too much eyeliner inside of me, and that’s probably not a part of me that I should allow to affect my personal style in any real (or expensive) way.

But then again…it’s not all that expensive…Buy through ShopBop for $175.

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  • Jane

    Maybe it would work better if the houndstooth was much smaller on the bag because right now it looks wicked cheap.

  • Karin bag4bag

    This bag is edgy but never been a houndstooth fan after having to wear it as part of a corporate uniform. I love the Rebecca Minkoff collection of crossbody bags, the linear stud roadie and rocker. Not expensive but still gorgeous. Also a fan of the Foley + Corinna disco city clutch in tie dye!!!

  • sj

    I like it! …maybe my reasons are silly, but the houndstooth reminds me of the tanks(?) from the old school atari game!

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