Junior Drake Pleated Mini Bag

I have yet to decide on my perfect mini bag for fall, and I’m still actively taking applications. I know that I have to have one (and really, they’re perfectly functional for me – all I ever carry is my keys and my Blackberry), and I think I may have found a strong candidate in the Junior Drake Pleated Mini Bag.

This bag in particular has a few things working in its favor. First, the leather looks amazing. Soft, supple, touchable, and saturated with color. I rarely find myself motivated to buy a bag that doesn’t fit that description, and this one exemplifies all of the qualities that those words describe. It also comes in several great colors, from the non-traditional navy and purple to the more staid and neutral blacks and browns.

Yes, the bag might be a little too trendy for some people, but it also has one last great advantage: the sub-$100 price. For that, who cares if it looks a bit dated in a year? You’ll be on to something new by then anyway. Buy through Nordstrom for $98.

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  • spanish moss

    what a cutie pie!

  • sunflower

    Seriously cute bag. I bought one in black – but returned it – it is just so small. I could only fit my keys and cellphone and lip gloss. But hey, if that is all you carry, this is a cute bag for you. Looks so great crossbody.

  • Urooj

    Yeah I went to go buy it also and it was so tiny :( If it was just a little bigger- it would be perfect!!

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