Ahh, finally. It’s been a while since Foley + Corinna came through for me with a bag that I truly enjoy, but the day has come.

The Foley + Corinna Zipper Bag isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s simple, functional and on-trend at a very reasonable price.

Foley + Corinna Zipper Bag

Sometimes, in a fashion world where big bags and tiny clutches are the most celebrated, the medium size bags get overlooked (or under-produced; I haven’t seen many lately). Some of the best bags I’ve ever had, though, were ones that fit snugly in the middle, size-wise. They don’t overpower an outfit but they’re big enough to wear day-to-day and hold all of your essentials without having to sacrifice something you might carry.

This bag is particularly good because it’s so functional – it has a thick, comfortable strap for shoulder carry and two exterior zipper pockets to keep all your stuff organized. Plus, at a price below $400, it’s accessible to almost any handbag enthusiast. Buy through ShopBop for $398.

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