And really, I mean that in the nicest way possible. The Diane Von Furstenberg Grace Day Bag is a satchel I’d be proud to call my own and carry regularly.

One thing that Diane Von Furstenberg has done correctly from the get-go with her young handbag line is ensure that everyone knows her designers can get creative with leather. Her Stephanie Hobo looked like chain mail from a distance but was actually soft and supple, and I’m still not entirely sure if her ‘denim’ bags from last season were actually made of super-fancy treated leather that managed to totally fool me (and the people entering the material information for several major online retailers), but I have my suspicions. This bag manages to get it right, once again.

This bag sort of serves as a slightly punky, much more modern alternative to Chanel-reminscent tweeds, and the dappling and variation in pattern are absolutely key to the design’s success. And the success is ample: the effect is neutral yet memorable, and I bet it would hide normal wear and tear like a champ. Buy through Matches UK for $830.

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  • Vitta

    This is an expertly constructed, classic tote with beautiful lines and meticulous details (beaded seams, etc). The traditional color combination is exquisite, too. However, I’m not sure I like the idea of having leather being treated to look like “tweed”. Why?

  • 19yearslater

    Wow, I really thought it was tweed. I love it. I would carry this in a heartbeat.

  • Stylista

    Concrete in this case is definitely a compliment. Lovely bag!

  • Lisa

    Love it!

  • Chris

    It is indeed a fabulous bag and an eye catcher. It is grey and you can probably wear it for years. But like others, I am not sure if I like the idea that leather is treated in a certain way to look like tweed. I guess I would have to see it in person to be really able to judge.

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