Katy Perry carries an Hermes Birkin in NYC (5)

Our parade of celebs and their Birkins continues with Katy Perry and her petite, dark grey Hermes Birkin. Katy and her Birkin are seen here leaving dinner at Soho House in NYC, where she dined with One Direction’s Niall Horan. (This occasion probably merits further scrutiny, but you’re here for the handbags, so I’ll move on.) Katy’s bag is a 30cm Hermes Birkin – most of the Birkins we see celebs carrying on PB are of the 35cm variety. That teensy 5cm difference really changes everything about the bag proportionally, making the 30cm look and feel a bit mini. (Our own Megs has both a 35 and 30cm Birkin, so we’ve seen this magic up close.)

While we’ve featured some truly amazing Hermes Birkins on PB this week, we do feel obliged to inform you that we do try our best to present you with a wider variety of celeb bags on the blog…it’s just that EVERYONE is carrying their Birkins again lately. It’s a complete Birkinfest out there! Is there something about winter weather that makes stars reach for their Birkins? Or do they simply opt for Birkins because they come in such a nice range of darker, richer, more winter-appropriate hues?

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  • Stephanie

    Wow, the size really does make a difference

  • Mya

    Prefer the 30cm actually.

    • GG

      I agree and this color is beautiful. I think I’m just not a fan of huge bags.

  • nb

    she is not going to a grocery shopping to buy a potato bag. 30 cm is more then enough. You just got used to the wrong size and now a proper size looks too small.

  • Kweenjaneesha

    30 cm is just right for casual dinner & tta. KP looks fab.

    • anouk

      And I’m not a Katy Perry fan but darn, she is gorgeous!

  • Etherealgurl

    I’m so sick of these made up fashion rules, she bought what she liked, she’s carrying it and enjoying HER bag. Who cares what size it is.

    • Firdaus Hilmy

      yeah couldn’t agree more

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