RuPaul carries a Gucci logo tote bag in Beverly Hills (5)

Here’s RuPaul in Beverly Hills, sans his famous drag trappings, pairing a Gucci Logo Print Tote Bag with a fab pink two button suit and white sandals. We’re unsure as to whether this specific bag is a men’s or women’s style (judging by its size, I’m leaning towards the latter), but we doubt Ru is overly concerned either way. Gucci tends to have some of the most unisex-looking bags on the market for men. Ladies and lads alike can shop all things Gucci via Net-a-Porter.

We posited a question for dudes in our “Man Bag Monday” post last week as to whether they would carry a women’s bag. All the gentlemen who commented were huge fans of women’s bags – in fact, sentiments were pretty evenly split between “I’ll carry a more unisex-looking woman’s bag, no problem” and “I’ll carry any women’s bag I happen to fancy, why not?” One guy even claimed to own four Birkins. So maybe that’s why it’s so hard to get your hands on an Hermes bag – all the dudes are snapping them up.

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  • lilay

    completely unrelated but could u make a “many bags of kate upton” series?

    • tlb

      Well, since you brought it up. Can you explain the appeal of Kate Upton. I don’t understand all the hype that surrounds her?

      • SES

        I love her because she’s pretty and a model, yet has a little extra in the tummy area (I hate my own stomach!) and a lot of the fashion industry thinks she’s fat! She’s not airbrush “perfect” – yet she’s successful.

  • pe.riche.

    This post is about RuPaul. Thank you and goodnight.

    • tlb

      RuPaul is simply fabulous, everyone knows that!!!!

  • sunshine

    A pink suit with white sandals.. .how cool is that? I never knew it could be done. And that Gucci bag, wow, the shape and size is perfect for him.

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