holiday gifts for in laws

The holidays bring joy and cheer along with a heaping helping of stress. Let’s just be honest, holiday drama with families and friends alike happens every season. It doesn’t mean we love those people less, but there’s just something about preparing for the most wonderful time of the year that can create conflict. Dealing with a significant other’s family can be particularly tricky; I think everyone I know who has in-laws has at least one story to tell, even if you love them dearly.

I find shopping for in-laws entirely difficult. You always want to keep your spouse’s parents happy, but sometimes it’s hard. From truly thoughtful gifts to those that poke fun at the difficulties in-laws sometimes bring, we’ve got some suggestions that encompass a little bit of everything when it comes to shopping for the in-laws. Whether you’ve been married for years or just started dating, you’re going to want to check out our slideshow.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 750ML
$169.97 via Amazon

Alcohol is highly important when it comes to family get-togethers. If your in-laws are hard to be around, make yourself a nice drink. I suggest Johnnie Walker Blue Label – it goes down smooth and makes all your problems seem just a little less troublesome. Plus, our father-in-law is sure to love it.

Waterford 2013 Times Square Snowglobe
$50 via Bloomingdale’s

Everyone loves a good snow globe, and if you have a sense of humor, you will love that it reads “Let there be Peace” at the bottom. Come on everyone, can’t we all just get along?

Mrs. Prindable’s Mini Caramel Apples
$40 via Neiman Marcus

I never used to stress eat, but that’s my new go-to coping mechanism. I don’t advise it, but hey, it helps in the moment. And chocolate ALWAYS helps. Give your in-laws a sweet treat and don’t feel shy to dig in yourself. After all, chocolate is a known anxiety suppressant.

Elf (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
$25 via Amazon

Laughing always helps! I can’t get through the holiday season without watching Elf at least five times. From the moment the movie starts, it takes me to a happy place. Give the gift of happiness and suggest everyone watch it together – it’ll be at least two hours of quiet time.

Bottega Veneta Leather Keyring
$160 via

If you in-laws already have a key to your house, which seems like a problem in and of itself, at least let them put it on a beautiful keyring. Bottega Veneta’s leather is super luxurious.

Graphic Image Ballparks Then and Now
$135 $94.49 via Bloomingdale’s

If you love your in-laws and they are fans of America’s favorite pastime, then this book is a great gift. The leather exterior gives way to pages filled with images of ballparks over the years and how they’ve changed.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Gingerbread House Kit
$40 via Neiman Marcus

Give yourself an activity to do if you have an extended stay with your in-laws. Making a gingerbread house is always fun, and it all goes back to the fact that you can eat the sugary goodness while you prepare it.

Mr. Christmas Animated Chimes
$375 $262.49 via Bloomingdale’s

I love holiday decorations and if your in-laws do too, these Animated Chimes are truly magical. The chimes can help drown out the conversation if it’s not to your liking.

Nambe Pebble 7 Piece Salad Set
$185 Bloomingdale’s

Really want to impress your in-laws? This salad set is absolutely stunning and you are sure to make your mother-in-law happy. That’s important, because happy wife equals happy life – for everyone around.


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