Well we here at the Purse Blog have decided that this week will be our first ever Celebrities Week. We will have at least one post a day devoted to our fav celebs! So let us know who you all would like to see and we will work on it! Let the week of the Celebs begin! :-D

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Sara

    I LOVE Ashley Olsens style! Do you have any pics of her with designer bags? Thanks!

  • Kim

    I never get to hear about musicians other than Jessica Simpson. What about someone like Avril or some rocker chick? Gwen maybe too.

  • Laurie

    Jessica Simpson is THE purse gal!!!! Also Sara Jessica Parker has lots of bags too

  • Julie

    How bout the Hilton sisters. Everybody may hate em but I love their style and wish I could buy as many bags as they have!!!!!

  • rubber duck

    i think gwen stefani rocks when it comes to handbags, she is the fashion queen. no one beats her OWN style

  • billyjoe

    how about gwen or sheryl crow…. or maybe jLo

  • Naggy

    How about American Idols? (ipad)

  • KY

    I like celebrities week! (ipad)

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