Tamara Ecclestone carries a blue snakeskin Celine tote at the beach (3)

Here’s Tamara Ecclestone and her husband Jay Rutland, making an impromptu visit to the beach (with a chummy paparazzo in tow) after having lunch at a beachside restaurant in Santa Monica. You can’t see him in this first photo, but the couple was also joined by their adorable poof of a teacup Pomeranian. That is indeed a brilliant blue Celine Python Phantom Luggage Tote sitting in the sand. Really, we’re using “beach bag” in the loosest sense possible, as this entire visit lasted only minutes.

The rest of us might be reluctant to let a pricey python Celine bag touch the ground, and we might also fret about exposing our suede Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaks to soggy beach conditions. But hey, if newly preggers heiress to a billion-dollar fortune who appears to be very much in love can’t be totally blithe and carefree about this kind of thing, then who can? There are even more pics floating around on the web from this adorable beach interlude; later Tamara actually took a turn on a recumbent tricycle. It was an exceedingly whimsical day.

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  • Pam

    Am I the only person who doesn’t understand why all celebrities are so crazy about this bag?

  • Guest

    How many “articles” are you going to write about celebrities using their bags in ways which are not approved of by you? It’s getting old.

    • anouk

      I use my Celine Phantom as a beach bag, too! It’s huge and does pack all my beach Essentials….after all, that’s what’s a bag for, isn’t it?

  • murt

    haha – my beachbag is not as ostentatious, but I still don’t know if you would approve – it’s a huge vintage cloth/straw woven bottega veneta with leather trim. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for the beach too – an orangy red. I have gotten sand in it though…….

  • emo.gen

    Maybe I will carry a regular phantom instead of phyton since it would be even more difficult to clean.. But having a Celine bag for your daily use is by far the best choice I made.. Get everything inside and go.. No fuss..

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