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  • Sandra

    I think it is a design flaw when the handles of the bag are attached to the flap in this manner…making the bag look so wrinkled and pulling (maybe not the correct description)…

    • eyda

      totally agree. just like the trapeze as well. this design flaw has stopped me from getting the trapeze although the rest of the bag is perfect

    • FashionableLena

      Not to mention that you can’t open the bag while it’s on your shoulder without things spilling out.

  • Sandra

    Seriously, does someone like Salma need freebies?

  • I think she’s not using the perks of being Mrs. Pinault properly. It’s been ages since I’ve liked something she wore.

  • alice

    sorry not really a beautiful bag, if you consider his powerful husband…and the many brands he has at his disposal, sh ecoudl choose a better one

  • Guest

    Why use such a horrid photo of such a beautiful woman?

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