Nicky Hilton Valentino Gryphon Finger Clutch

Nicky Hilton recently attended the NYC screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in a Scandinavian springtime-themed dress from Valentino Spring 2014, and she carried a crimson red Valentino Scarab Finger Clutch from the same collection. (Have you noticed that Nicky Hilton gets an invite to every single NYC movie premiere? I have.) This exact version of Nicky’s clutch is scarce, but you can purchase the black “Gryphon” version for $1,595 at Nordstrom. You can view most of Nicky’s highly covetable bag collection in “The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton.”

In related news, you might notice that some of Coach’s bags from Fall 2014 collection bear some fringe-y similarities to the Valentino Scarab Finger Clutch from Spring 2014. I’m clearly late to the game on this, but it seems fringe is suddenly BACK with a vengeance. Seeing fashion trends from the mid-aughts reappear on the runways always pumps me with both nostalgia and existential dread. I really shouldn’t have these sorts of emotional attachments to fringe.

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  • Me

    the comparison must be first with the best! what about gucci and its beautiful fringes?

  • pa

    I don’t like it.

  • alice

    The dress is nice but not on her. Look at her breast here completely flat and it is too short for her shape, a little bit too large —> makes her look bigger (not in a nice way). Sorry :(

    • sandy

      agree with you! beautiful dress but it is not for her body type

  • Petra B.

    I’ve always been a fan of her style – love the headband! I’d prefer strappy sandals to pumps but she looks great nonetheless.

  • Lilly

    Nice dress, also don’t like it on her, and the purse is awful.

  • Yuck.

    title of the dress should be:
    The “How to make a young, skinny girl look 50lbs heavier and whole-lot more matronly” dress.

  • PurseJunkie


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