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  • Me

    the comparison must be first with the best! what about gucci and its beautiful fringes?

  • pa

    I don’t like it.

  • alice

    The dress is nice but not on her. Look at her breast here completely flat and it is too short for her shape, a little bit too large —> makes her look bigger (not in a nice way). Sorry :(

    • sandy

      agree with you! beautiful dress but it is not for her body type

  • I’ve always been a fan of her style – love the headband! I’d prefer strappy sandals to pumps but she looks great nonetheless.

  • Lilly

    Nice dress, also don’t like it on her, and the purse is awful.

  • Yuck.

    title of the dress should be:
    The “How to make a young, skinny girl look 50lbs heavier and whole-lot more matronly” dress.

  • PurseJunkie


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