Mira Duma loves her The Row Bag

If you follow the fashion industry, then you might know that we have an entire culture of fashionistas that garner attention similar to that of A-list celebrities. One of our personal favorites and the industry’s new darling is the cute-as-a-button and always impeccably dressed Mira Duma. Mira is snapped coming and going to every show by every magazine, street style photographer and iPhone-wielder imaginable. With the attention, Mira’s notoriety has skyrocketed, and I constantly find myself tracking her latest looks to see the accessories she is wearing. During Fashion Week, Mira was a huge fan of The Row Top Handle Bag; she was spotted carrying it to many places and on many occasions.

With her fame, Mira is given items to wear long before they hit retailers, and that is true of her The Row Top Handle Bag in black, ruby, and winter white which will be available in July 2013. I love seeing more people give credit to The Row for its beautiful designs and quality materials, and this bag has the makings of a beautiful classic. Available in two sizes, there will be a variety of combinations you can choose from, including divine exotic skins. The ladylike structure helps the design stand out, and as you can see, Mira makes it work with very different outfits. Prices will range from $2,950 for calfskin to $13,500 for the exotics. Current The Row bags are available via Net-A-Porter and Barneys.

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  • http://twitter.com/Alouette_Jolly Ada

    What has been seen cannot be unseen; I need that glorious bag in my life, and the $$$ is getting in my way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/duim.daley Duim Daley

    love it i wanted…. question its waiting list for the bag too….

  • Sandra

    I agree, lovely bag. I love the way it closes. Does it have a magnet that helps keep it closed or is that metal piece at the end of the flap just for show and to help keep the flap at the perfect stopping point? You would think that holding the handle would pull that flap out???

    • anouk

      Please, Megs, can you give us some answers? I’m really eyeing this purse and i’m saving my moolah for a The Row purchase.

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