Kylie Jenner carries a blue Balenciaga bag at LAX (5)

Kylie Jenner was recently spotted making a mad dash out of LAX with a charming Balenciaga Classic Mini Bowling Bag. This bag is a petite, domed version of the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags that we all know and love. It can currently be obtained in Kylie’s preferred hue for $1,345 at Barneys. The Kardashian-Jenners seem to particularly favor Balenciaga when it comes to their handbag selections – here’s Kim K. fighting her own airport paparazzi battle with one of the numerous Balenciaga City Bags she owns.

Everyone has their “feeling un-photogenic” days, but I feel for baby Kylie here. She’s only 16, has a big sis who is poised to make a comfortable living as a model, and is a member of the ridiculously camera-happy Kardashian clan, but none of that means she has to love being assaulted by flash photography as soon as she steps out of the airport. I don’t envy any adolescent who’s thrust into the public eye, especially in an awful “reality tv”-type setting. Being 16 is hard enough.

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  • JaneH

    That bag is ADORABLE.

  • Rachelle

    That bag is perfect.

  • Guest

    I don’t understand why these people wh*re themselves out to the tabloid media and then cover their faces and do a perp walk whenever they’re within ten feet of a camera. You can’t have it both ways, kids!

    Nice bag, but I don’t care for the color.

    • Geez

      They are covering their faces because of the bright flashes from the cameras….duh!

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