Kourtney Kardashian Celine Tie Tote

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian, enjoying a night out with Scott Disick in the city after returning from an extended romp in the Hamptons with the fam. The couple dined at NYC’s super-trendy (and, from what I’ve heard, super delicious) Italian-American restaurant Carbone. Kourtney’s bag of choice for the occasion was a Celine Tie Tote, which we’ve seen her carrying before.

Now that it’s July, I’m coming around to this oversized Celine style a little more. It may not be the next Phantom Luggage Tote, but it does seem to make a superb summer carryall. Speaking of that infamous “It” bag, the Kardashian sisters make quite a few appearances in our round-up of celebrities who are totally devoted to the bag.

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  • http://www.jadeshopalot.blogspot.com/ Jade Manalac

    Is she prego again?

  • Guest

    Doesn’t she know how to do anything other than have babies? Oh, wait. She’s a Kardashian. Stupid question.

    • sroze

      Since when did having children become a negative thing?

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    • Jennifer

      Wait. You’re kinda a bitch.

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