Kirsten Dunst Bag
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With Spiderman 3 just around the spiderweb, Kirsten Dunst is surely being followed and snapped more than usual. She can go from looking like a plain Jane to a totally annoyed gal, but in both looks she is sporting a great bag. This morning I saw an email from a loyal reader asking for help identifying both of these bags. Seems Mary Jane Dunst has been enjoying the momogram-less styles on some long strapped bags. Don’t get caught in a spidey web, let’s help out and play Name those Bags! (Yes, I made a very corny joke… it’s early, you can’t blame me! :roll: )

Next pic of her brown leather bag after the jump!

Kirsten Dunst Bag

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  • cgsprings

    Is it Hogan?

  • gsh

    These are Jane Mayle bags

  • JackieS

    I really like kirstens scarf in the first photo and i have been looking for a similar one for a long time without any luck, Is there a particular name for them? are they just a particular pashmina?Please Help, plus the jane mayle bags are adorable!

  • jenniferb

    I love the bag Kirsten’s character MJ carries in Spiderman 3. can anybody identify the bag, and do you know where I can get one?


  • wha soon lee

    I wanna buy mayle bag on the first picture.
    But I can’t find on website.
    What is name of the small white cross bag???
    Mayle baby billie bag is not that one.

  • angela

    i think it’s KALE…I believe it is..

  • Kirsten Dunst
    Ela é muito fofa e adoro os filmes dela!!

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