Diane Kruger Lanvin Sugar Shoulder Bag

Here’s Diane Kruger leaving the gym in West Hollywood. She’s the first celeb that we’ve seen carrying the new Lanvin Sugar Bag, which is brand new for Fall 2014 and a big push for a brand that’s hasn’t really done exceptionally well in the handbag department lately. I actually like this bag a lot, with its supple lambskin leather construction and the very subtle quilt-embossed leather below the flap, but I fear the bag as a whole just isn’t distinctive enough to become the huge hit that the brand likely wants it to be. Nevertheless, it can be pre-ordered in black at Neiman Marcus for $2,190, a pricepoint which seems fairly appropriate.

Diane has quite eclectic tastes in handbags – we rarely see her carrying your standard celeb favorites. She’s more likely to be seen with a Charlotte Olympia clutch, a special edition Proeza Schouler or something from one of the slightly more obscure European fashion houses. She does own a modest amount of Chanel bags, but we haven’t seen her carrying the brand in some time. (Diane is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s many, many celeb muses.) It will be interesting to see how this Lanvin bag tracks, now that Diane has provided an assist with its celeb debut. You can see the majority of Diane’s designer handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Diane Kruger.”

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  • Rosa Lily

    For $2190 I’d rather get a Chanel that has longer staying power and higher price resale through luxury second hand stores.

  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska Petra B.

    I like this bag a lot, even though it’s quite similar with their previous bag shapes. The Partition will always be my favorite though.

  • Webaj

    There are photos of SJP carrying the black version. Not such a fan….looks like a combo of a Celine and a Chanel.

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  • Kathy Dowdle

    I really like this bag. Not too big, not too small, and the quilting is not too over-done.

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