Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

It’s been months since Target and Neiman Marcus announced that they’d be teaming up with dozens of your favorite American designers to produce a chic, affordable line of holiday gifts, and a lot of you have asked me lately if I knew anything more about it. Sadly, I didn’t; Neiman Marcus, Target and the slew of designers involved have been mostly mum since the megacollab was announced. Until yesterday, that is.

The Target + Neiman Macus Holiday Collection lookbook finally dropped, and in it we got a glimpse of exactly what each designer would be bringing to the table. Some designers stepped out of their normal niches (Oscar de la Renta designed a dog bowl!), while others hewed pretty close to their traditional markets (Proenza Schouler provided a sweatshirt and iPad case). After the jump, we’ve got the full set of accessories, from handbags to gloves to sunglasses or check out the full collection lookbook at Form your shopping lists now – these goodies launch for sale on December 1st!

Tory Burch Beverage Container, $24.99

Tory Burch Lunch Box, $19.99

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  • gpc

    Wow, some really great items here. Amanda, if TPF could remind us of this, say the day before, that would be great! I think it is going to be one of those times where many items will sell out very quickly…

  • JazzCap

    Awesome, these are my two favorite stores. Worlds collide…

  • Hilary Sloan

    Um, I think Ella needs the ODLR collar…

  • Deedee

    Wow the Derek Lam slippers look really comfy and affordable!

  • b

    i live in canada so i was wondering…will ALL targets carry these items? or just a select few? i may drive to buffalo for this but would like to know

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