Dry Skin Essentials

The first thing that it’s important for you to know about this post is that I have really, really dry skin. I’m 28, and people always say that skin gets drier as you age, so I shudder to think where I’m headed from here. The second thing you need to know is that I have successfully conquered my dry skin, and I’ve done it with the daily use of the five products below.

Winter is generally credited with being the time of year that’s toughest on dry skin, but in my experience, seasonal transitions like the one we’re experiencing right now can cause some wacky skincare problems. If your years of skincare trial-and-error haven’t been as fruitful as mine, maybe I can point you and your dry skin in the correct direction.

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  • Amanda

    Mine is super dry too. It got to a point a few years ago that I was afraid to wash my face for fear of making it worse! I’ve since “fixed” it but am always looking for new stuff :) I’ve got to give that toner a whirl.

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