Bright Nail Polishes

One of my favorite ways to end a week is to stop for a manicure and pedicure on the way home from work. Something about spending half an hour in a chair, thinking and doing absolutely nothing, just feels like the right way to transition into a weekend. (Actually, it might not be such a mystery exactly what that “something” is.) Summer means that all of your nails are exposed far more often than the other nine months of the year, and it also means that everything is a little more bright and cheery.

I’m already anticipating getting my nails done on the way home this afternoon, and if that sounds like a custom you’d like to adopt for yourself, here are five shades you might want to consider.

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  • Arielle Kostan

    Ladies– check your local TJ Maxx. I’ve spotted “Wellies” there very recently at 50% off retail.

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