General Posting Rules

  • No posting of or linking to content or discussions that are of a political or religious nature.
  • No posting of or linking to content that is sexually explicit, obscene or pornographic.
  • No profanity, use of offensive language (e.g., racist or hateful terms), or “shouting” (excessive use of capitalized letters).
  • Be respectful towards other forum members. Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated. Should you have a problem with a member or post, send the member a Private Message (PM) or optionally, report the post to a Moderator using the ‘Report This Post’ link. Do not take your complaint to the public forums.
  • Do not post content that reveals the personal information of another person.
  • Respect TPF’s Administrators and Moderators and follow their instructions and directions.
  • Only one registered nickname per user. Additional, active nicknames are not permitted and will be banned along with the original.
  • Keep threads on topic. Start threads in the most appropriate forums.
  • Do not post or link to messages or content that violate any federal or state laws which include, but are not limited to, materials that violates a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property right, or which violates a person’s privacy or contractual right.
  • Do not post or link to materials if you do not have permission to copy or distribute them electronically or otherwise. This includes posting images copied from another website (hotlinking).
  • Please post in English only, and refrain from excessive text message shorthand posting (or “text speak”).
  • Linking to or promotion of other fashion-related online forums or groups is prohibited. However, referencing another forum via a link to credit an original author of a story, information or image is permitted.
  • Links to your own blog in posts is not permitted. Blog links belong in your signature, only.

Counterfeits / Fakes

  • The PurseForum community takes a strong stand against counterfeit goods.
  • Only post images depicting authentic items.
  • Do not knowingly post images of fake or counterfeit goods, or post links to websites advertising, selling, or promoting counterfeits (“Fakes threads” and “Authenticate This” threads excluded). Users who violate these terms will be subject to termination of their account.

Ad Blockers

Any discussion of AD BLOCKING software/plugins or instruction for using ad blocking regarding this forum or any other discussion in general of attempting to block advertisement will result in an immediate termination of your account. This is not done lightly, rather deliberately to deny access to those who choose to utilize this forum, but not support our sponsors. A forum of this size costs a lot of money to cover hardware, bandwidth and employees so we ask for such discussions not to take place here.

Buying/Selling on PurseForum

  • Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted on the PurseBlog website. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted.
  • Soliciting your items for sale or desire to buy via Private Messages is prohibited.
  • Linking your own auctions is not permitted in posts, signatures or otherwise, except for auctions listed on eBay ( Any transactions that take place on eBay are subject to eBay’s online terms and conditions. We do not permit links to auctions on other sites, such as Bonanzle, eCrater, and iOffer.
  • Offering to obtain goods for others or requesting for others to buy goods for you is not permitted.

Promoting your business & listings

  • Store/business promotions in form of signature or profile links are only permitted for well established members with 300+ posts and 3+ months of membership.
  • Soliciting via Private Messages or spamming the forums with links to your business is prohibited.
  • For advertising opportunities, please contact us.


  • Limit the total area occupied by your signature to approximately 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall (including images and text).
  • Animated GIFs (other than smilies) are not permitted.
  • Links to personal blogs/web sites are permitted. However, linking to fashion forums are not permitted.
  • Links to your commercial web site for established members (3 months & 300 posts minimum) only.
  • Absolutely no links to sites selling/promoting counterfeit item.

As set forth in our Terms of Service, a violation of any of the above listed forum rules can result in the loss of posting privileges and termination of your PurseForum account. We also reserve the right to terminate any user, at any time, and for any reason. We further reserve the right to delete, without warning or explanation, posted materials or messages that violate these terms. We reserve the right to edit, reprint, distribute, or delete any posting for any reason and without prior notification or explanation to the author.

Midley, Inc., the provider of PurseForum, and its employees are not responsible for the use of any information posted by users on PurseForum. Midley, Inc. and its employees are not responsible for the content of any of the messages posted in the Purse Forum or of the authenticity of its authors. All opinions and views expressed in the PurseForum are solely those of their respective authors.

We reserrve the right to change the aforementioned rules and terms from time to time, consistent with provisions set forth in our Terms Of Service.

By registering with the PurseForum, you agree to abide by the above rules and terms.

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