You might remember reading a few weeks ago about an awesome jewelry event that we were planning with the Rebecca Minkoff team. While it was unfortunate that we had to postpone due to Hurricane Sandy, we have some exciting news: We’ve rescheduled the event! Not only have we rescheduled the event, but there is also still a chance that you can attend!

Rebecca Minkoff continues to expand her ever-growing empire, and her latest venture is jewelry, which aligns perfectly – Rebecca loves accessories and has an enviable jewelry collection. The launch of her jewelry line has been a long time coming, and with it, Rebecca and her team are hosting an event just for PurseBlog and PurseForum readers. That’s right, she loves you that much (and we love you that much) that we’re putting together and event just for you.

Calling all PurseBlog readers, both near New York and far – we are co-hosting an event that we would love to see you attend! We have been working with our friends at Heritage Luxury to bring you an inside look at how the auction world works, what Heritage Auction lists, and now, details on their Spring Luxury Auction. While pictures may be worth a thousand words, being able to see a piece up close and personal is so much more rewarding; we’re giving you that chance.

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