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Miu Miu Small Shoulder Bag Do you ever look at individual pieces of a whole, love them, but hate the whole? It happens to me all the time. How many meals have you eaten where the ingredients sound amazing but when you mush them all together you automatically raise your napkin to your mouth and attempt to do the very obvious unflattering ‘polite spit’? At least when it happens with a handbag you know what you are getting into, unlike the random meal you ate. The aspects of the Miu Miu Small Shoulder Bag are appealing individually, but put them all together and you have a tacky fug bag. First there is stunning luscious turquoise leather. The color just pops and is perfect for spring and summer. The slouch of the leather shows the buttery soft quality which makes me want to smoosh it up to my face and fall asleep on it. The gold hardware really pops. The handle features clasps on either side which give a nice addition. But then there is the finished product, which looks fit for a 12 year old. Not that there is something wrong with a 12 year old, but there is something so tacky and juvenile about this bag. Sure, it is said to be a small shoulder bag, but it is too small for my liking. It looks ridiculous on the model, which means it will look atrocious on a ‘real size’ person. The depth is a mere 2″, while the width is 11″ and height is 10″; which looks squished, flat, and weird. Granted, I am 5’10 so I see things differently, but if you are over 5’3, putting a shoulder bag on this small won’t look good. Then there is the gold hardware on the turquoise leather; it screams out gaudy. Something about turquoise and gold do not mesh, they are both overpowering and they are fighting for the spotlight on this bag. End result is an in-your-face combination. I love the color, love the leather, love the idea, but am not feeling the finished product at all. Buy through Net A Porter for $760. (more…)

Miu Miu Vitello Large Tote

Today is a very late start on Purse Blog, my apologies! Vlad and I are heading to Germany tomorrow for ten days and it is always crazy before going abroad. Or maybe that is just me? I can’t seem to figure out what to pack, how much to pack, and especially what bag to bring. When I go on a trip for fun, I do not need 15 handbags to lug around. That day will come when I fly privately, and since that day may never come, I will continue to travel with two handbags. One everyday bag and one clutch. I get pretty anal when it comes to deciding what bag to take, because I must decide how I will store it, how the weather will be, etc. My Birkin is staying home this trip; the forecast calls for rain and snow many of the days we will be there and my precious is way too new to me to have to keep putting its Hermes Rain Poncho on (yes, it really comes with one!). I keep telling myself that I need a great everyday bag that has a detachable shoulder strap. I keep not buying one. But I found one that has my heart and I am close to overnighting it to myself. We have seen the Miu Miu Vitello Tote before, and I loved it then, but I love it even more now in this rustic hue of purple. The purple is done beautifully, looking lighter around the edges as if it has aged wonderfully in Miu Miu heaven. There is that shoulder strap that I keep looking for and option of top handles. There are compartment separations on the inside and a zip pocket, which again means this bag is perfect for traveling with. Dimensions are 14″W X 12″H X 5½”D. Just lovely at Saks for $1590.

miu miu nappa delave tote

While I love Prada, I love her younger sister Miu Miu even more right now! Miu Miu delivers the same punch as Prada, the same looks (many times better) for half the price. You can’t get much better than that! A tote bag is a bag everyone needs. We all need to lug around our daily essentials. And to pull it off with a great looking bag is even better. How perfectly fitting then is the Miu Miu Nappa Delave Tote?! I saw this bag while in Saks yesterday and the SA and I were both oohing and aahing at the luscious leather. The topstitching detail adds a nice touch and the gold hardware is subdued and perfect. The design of the bag is simple but it adds some great touches with the leather outlining. The leather feels buttery soft and sports the same look as many of the new resort Prada bags. But the price is, of course, much less that its Prada sisters. Dimensions are 14″W X 13¾”H X 5½”D. The price is very reasonable for what you get; pre-order at Saks for $1445.

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Miu Miu Patchwork Tote

We adored the Lindsay Lohan ad that sported the silver and gold Miu Miu Metallic Patchwork bag. The colorful metallic version may have been too much for many of us to stomach, or use everyday, so I am thrilled to see Miu Miu has released the Miu Miu Patchwork Tote in black leather. The patchwork adds a special touch, which gives the bag an everyday casual feel, and there is a removable strap for usability. I love this bag for an everyday bag, that will have a slouchy look right around your hip. I see it as a perfect practical bag, with a leather that is light, and sparsity of hardware which makes the bag light. The price is also great for the size of the bag (19″x12.5″x5″). Buy through Net A Porter for $1,445.

Also available in chic patent leather!

Miu Miu Spongy Leather Rounded Tote1 There is something incredibly chic and sexy about a woman wearing jeans, a white top, and heels. Pair it with your oversized sunglasses and the perfect bag you have a perfect look. When choosing an outfit so simple, the bag can change your look. A bag that is black or neutral will give you a more elegant look, while a bag with a splash of bright color will give you a fun playful look. Right when I saw this outfit paired with this handbag, I was immediately head over heels in love. The Miu Miu Spongy Leather Rounded Tote is the perfect bag for your jeans and tee shirt outfit adding a vibrant splash of color. The rounded tote is a great everyday bag, that features two handles to hold, and the perfect compartments with a zippered middle section. The inside of the bag makes it perfect to organize, which is what we all need from our handbags. Rather than having to grab in your bag hoping to find what you are looking for, a handbag like this allows easy access and order. The gold hardware is subtle, seen on the handles and the Miu Miu logo. Buy the bag through Net A Porter for $1,015.

To finish off the look, pair this bag with Notify Opium Wide Leg Jeans $230 via Net A Porter and a Miu Miu Fitted Cotton Shirt $375 via NAP.

Miu Miu Spongy Leather Rounded Tote

Miu Miu Quilted Chevron Shoulder Bag

Every Chanel lover is coming down off a fume about the recent exorbitant price increases. While we all expect our handbags to become more expensive over time, the Chanel hike has been ridiculous. Luckily there are other designers whose handbags meet our fancies. And as the prices sky rocket, it is comforting to see some handbags that remain in the lower range, which is ridiculous that we consider under $1500 lower now. A brand that is filling the shoes of its big sister beautifully is Miu Miu. Many of the recent Miu Miu handbags have been huge hits, giving us the feeling of a Prada bag with a price that allows us all to breathe easy. From the resort collection, the Miu Miu Quilted Chevron Shoulder Bag gives us a great quilt on a nude colored shoulder bag. The link chain top handle is designed with a nude toned chain, which makes this handbag sleek and uniform. The only aspect that stands out is the Miu Miu logo in gold hardware. Yet when this simple bag comes together, the look is clean and chic. And the price, this is where I get back to the Chanel price increase; because you can get this handbag for much less than a Chanel quilted bag. And no, you don’t need to play this handbag off as a Chanel, just love it as a quilted Miu Miu bag. Pre-order at Saks for $1155.

And if you are looking for a killer pair of shoes to compliment this bag, stick to Miu Miu. Miu Miu shoes are designed impeccably well, with an understanding of how a woman’s body is made, to give you the most comfort while looking astounding. Spice up your shoe wardrobe with the Miu Miu Deco Patent Platform Shoes. The pink with pink/black trim is a great color combination and the deco look adds a modern and nice touch. Buy at Saks for $695.

Miu Miu Aged Leather Tote1

The color pink has an affinity to me. It is such a feminine shade, and the plethora of hues really gives a variety of options if you want to wear pink. I already fell head over heels in love with the Miu Miu Ostrich Tote (the kind of burning, pining, cherishing love) and now the Miu Miu Aged Leather Tote which sports pink aged leather with gold hardware has my heart also. The color on this handbag shape just lures me in. I am hooked. There is a handle or shoulder strap option and three separate compartments on the inside. My only problem now is to decide between the pink, the gray ostrich, or both :wink: . At NAP for $1,195.

Miu Miu Ostrich Tote

While Miu Miu may be Prada’s younger sister with huge shoes to fill, she is filling them out beautifully. Clean lines and understated elegance, the Miu Miu Ostrich Tote exudes ravishing symmetry with exotic ostrich leather in a sophisticated gray color. The gold hardware gives the handbag a very elegant touch, adding the perfect shine for the lush gray ostrich. The lockable clasp at the front draws you in, as it is the focal point. And like I keep saying, having the option of a top handle or a shoulder strap is perfect for people who are practical, which we all should be. On the inside there are three compartments and a small zipped pocket. The price is high for Prada’s little sister, but keep in mind this is an exotic, and the overall appeal lures you in so strongly, that it truly is worth it. Completely lust worthy and sure to be a hit at NAP for $3360.

Miu Miu Patent Fabric Clutch

Price should always be taken into account when buying a product. You may deem a product worthy or unworthy of its price tag when shopping. While some items are not 10 out of 10 on your list, the price appears so great that this 6 out of 10 product ends up going home with you. I am not head over heels for the Miu Miu Patent Fabric Clutch but the price is so amazing that I could see it making a great throw around clutch for the nights at the bar. Two of the major perks are the large size with a strap handle and the patent fabric matelasse which is easy to clean. I despise going to the bar and holding my bag or clutch on my lap the entire night, it gets annoying fast. This fabric is easy to wipe any spill off and the clutch is still cute. Most importantly, like I said, the price is great. Buy through Net A Porter for under $200.

Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag

I still recall the day where spending over $1000 for a designer handbag was the norm but still seen as steep. I wish that day were still here, because now most designer handbags start around $2000 and go up. If I am impulse buying, $2000 can be spent easily. If I begin to use the part of my brain from my dad’s genes, that overly analytical business side, I begin to find the purchase ridiculous. I always let off a sigh of relief when I see Miu Miu bags. Prada’s younger sister features a line of handbags that offer an array of different styles that sometimes closely mimicking bags from Prada. You can get a great bag for half the price of many Prada bags. The Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag is a large tote bag made with lush mouse colored leather. The color is delightful for fall and the option of a detachable shoulder strap along with double top handles makes it a very practical bag. Best part is the price is not going to make your jaw drop like some of the Prada nylon bags for fall that are over $2000 (that is a whole different story!). Buy via NAP for $1155.

Miu Miu Aged Leather Clutch

And now I am coming at you from Washington DC. While walking towards baggage claim I saw everyone in the security check line. I realized one major thing; people were dressed ultra chic. Sure, I have on a nice pair of jeans, white top, and cute Ralph Lauren sandals, but I felt more like a Florida bum than a DC gal. The stereotype is that most people carry an oversized bag on the plane, but this is not always true. Great handbags and even clutches are toted in the air. I realized it was time that I purchased a more sophisticated clutch. Miu Miu must have been reading my mind because the Miu Miu Aged Leather Clutch fits into both the practical and fashionable categories. This multi-functioning clutch uses beige aged leather with a faux lock fastening on the front, fold over top to the button back tote compartment, and a removable shoulder strap. So you do not have to give up more space when buying a clutch, there is such a thing as having the best of both worlds. Love this clutch! Via Net A Porter for $1240.

miu miu ostrich satchel

Prada’s little sister wants to make sure to show the crowd that she too can be extravagant and exotic. Miu Miu adorned herself with ostrich, to garner some attention. The Miu Miu Ostrich Satchel is made of lush taupe ostrich leather in a structured bag. The color is delightful for all seasons, but I am not 100% keen on the design. This satchel sports top handles, an option shoulder strap, and a front flap closure. Because this is Prada’s little sister, I expect a shape that will look more fun than serious. Prada should be the role model, the one who wants to be taken to work. Miu Miu needs to be the fun loving sister. Or maybe that is just my impression of the two brands. On the inside there is dark brown cloth lining (come on, with an ostrich bag you need suede or some other luxurious feeling fabric) and a divided compartment with a zip pocket. Dimensions are 9 1/2″H x 12 1/2″W x 4″D. This bag screams work bag. I love that Miu Miu wants to find a place in the world of exotics, but I prefer a funkier bag rather than a serious business woman bag. Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus for $3505.

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