Elle Fanning was recently spotted at LAX carrying a bright cerulean blue Miu Miu Bugatti Bag. No surprises here: it was recently revealed that Elle will be one of the four young actresses featured in Miu Miu’s spring campaign, so it makes sense that she’s repping the brand in her day-to-day life. You can get a carry-with-everything black version of this tidy little dome satchel for $1,450 at Overstock.com. (If you have to have it, act fast – sell out risk is high.)

2014 is destined to be a big year for Elle – aside from her Miu Miu gig, she has four films in the can, including Disney’s much-anticipated “Maleficent.” Elle plays a young Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) because of course she would. Elle also has a post-apocalyptic thriller titled “Young Ones” on the way, which just made its big debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

I once heard on some HGTV design show that in order to successfully incorporate an accent color into a room, the color should appear in three places. I’ve never personally tested that theory, but it seems true. When working with the decreased surface area of an outfit, on the other hand, that number can be decreased to two; a single note of color can feel random or ill-conceived, but if you can pick up that color in a second, more subtle place in your ensemble, you’re on the way to success. That’s where Miu Miu, Marni and our latest edition of Perfect Pairs comes in.

It would be a bit much if both the bag and the earrings were the same solid color, but the tie-dye effect on the Marni pair’s resin panels tempers the potentially match-y look. There are several shades of blue to be seen here (in addition to the shades of gold), and one of them happens to coordinate well with the Miu Miu’s dominant leather color. On the bag’s gussets, you get a more traditional navy color, and when taken as a whole, these two pieces set you up with a nice color palette within which to complete your look.

Miu Miu Two-Tone Textured Leather Tote
$1,495 via Net-a-Porter

Miu Miu Two-Tone Textured Leather Tote

Marni Resin and Tie-Dye Horn Clip Earrings
$410 via Net-a-Porter

Marni Resin Horn-Clip Earrings

If you’re a longtime PurseBlog reader, you may have already put this together yourself, but my sense of style is not particularly girly. I was in to punk music in my teenage years and never totally outgrew my love for black, studs, clunky boots and eyeliner. Those things still inform my everyday style choices, and they probably will for the rest of my life because I’m lucky enough to be part of an industry that embraces that sort of thing. For certain occasions, though, I like to try attempt sartorial feats a little bit outside of my comfort zone, and for something like Valentine’s Day, that means considering pastel pink in the form of the Miu Miu Leather Tote.

Valentine’s Day gets swallowed by New York Fashion Week every year, so I’m not doing anything to celebrate/mourn except working and maybe taking myself to the Barney’s Warehouse Sale, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t given the day any thought. It’s a nice opportunity to go straight for the most feminine pieces in your closet, and for me, there’s not much available. I have a lot of dresses, but they’re almost all black or leopard. My handbags aren’t much better, in that regard – lots of colors and prints, but not much in the way of traditional femininity. Sometimes I get a jones for a particularly girly bag, but I never go through with the purchase because I know I would have little to pair it with and would likely never use it, but something about this baby pink Miu Miu bag makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I could make it work.

If nothing else, it could be the bag that I carry every year on Valentine’s Day, and maybe to spring weddings. I’m 27, so I’m guessing that there are likely a few of those in my future. That’s enough reasons to buy a new bag, right? (Who am I kidding, I don’t actually need reasons. Reasons went out the door long ago.) Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1,695.

So what about you – which bag is your perfect pick for what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year?

So this marks the second appearance of a Miu Miu-carrying celeb on the blog this week, AND also the second mention of Aspen, CO – which is the ultimate trendy, cozy haven for wintering celebs. (Christina Aguilera also spent the holidays there with her man.) This time, it’s Melanie Griffith making her way over an icy Aspen sidewalk while carrying a ruched leather Miu Miu Chain Handle Bowler Bag. You can snag the larger version of this bag for $1,750 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Melanie and hubs Antonio Banderas enjoy a long, leisurely break in Aspen every Christmas. What is Melanie Griffith up to these days, you ask? Mostly taking things easy, it seems. She and Antonio most recently executive produced a pilot for Lifetime called This American Housewife – about the wife to a politician and mother to three grown children who, as I understand it, starts hearing prophetic voices. Sadly, Lifetime passed on the series last spring. Here’s to better luck in 2013, Melanie!

Here’s the infallibly fashionable Miranda Kerr bopping around in Los Feliz, CA, carrying a Miu Miu Madras Crossbody Bag. She’s had this bag in rotation for a while, as you can see in our “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr”. She’s owned it for so long, in fact, that you can’t find it in stores – but here’s a smaller version at Bergdorf Goodman for $1295.

We’ve already established through extensive photographic evidence on both PurseBlog and TalkShoes that every time Miranda Kerr leaves the house, she looks flawless – perfectly outfitted and styled to the point that it makes me slightly angry. But she does seem a little more human when I realize, like all of us, she has her wardrobe favorites. Now if she’d only ever have less-than-perfect hair, we could almost be chums.

Earlier this year, we posited that something was amiss in the Miu Miu handbag design department, and in fact, someone I spoke to at the brand intimated that the bags weren’t selling as well as they used to. It wasn’t hard to imagine why that was – unlike the brand’s highly covetable and widely lusted-after shoes, the bags were just…ok. They were passable, with some solid basics to temper the sometimes odd, occasionally off-putting seasonal collection bags. For a brand that I loved so much, the handbag situation at Miu Miu was more than a little vexing.

Now, though, I’m seeing some tentative signs of a move in the right direction. The handbags below are all from Miu Miu’s Resort 2013 collection, and they’re pretty darn good. We haven’t reached greatness yet, but with some simple takes on bright colors and basic shapes, combined with smart uses of some of the brand’s recent signatures like matelasse leather and prominent frames, things are looking better than they have in several seasons. Are any of the bags below on your shopping list? Check out more Miu Miu bags at Net-a-Porter and Bergdorf Goodman.

Katy Perry tried to keep it low key at the airport this weekend whilst channeling Diane Keaton, just a little bit. That delicious two-toned bag on her arm is the Miu Miu Patent and Leather Satchel. I have so many questions surrounding Katy’s color-matching get-up, like why is Katy accenting her Miu Miu with a red rose? Does a body-con spandex cotton dress + long patterned cardi + floppy hat + platform hiking boots = Katy Perry casual? And why is her satchel so impossible to find online? Fortunately for all, you can get your Miu Miu fix at Net-a-Porter.

Is there anything worse than ogling a bag you simply can’t get your hands on with a few simple clicks? Miu Miu has always been uber-selective about who sells its handbags online, and of course, the brand’s signature platform pumps still outrank its bag line in terms of popularity. But I’d like to hear from Miu Miu bag owners – are the bags just as obsession-worthy?

I find it a little bit tough to write about Miu Miu‘s handbags. I love the brand as a whole so much and have such a huge respect for Miuccia Prada, both as a woman and as a designer, that the state of Miu Miu’s handbag business pains me a bit. Particularly for a brand that hits it out of the park so consistently with its shoes, it’s been a truly unacceptable amount of time since Miu Miu made a handbag that made my heart skip a beat. Prada does it consistently, from its basics to its runway bags, so what’s the deal?

Miu Miu Spring 2013 follows that pattern, unfortunately. The runway collection includes some solid choices, but none that are particularly interesting or directional, from a design standpoint. They should be the bread-and-butter bags that sell quickly in stores, not what appears on the runway instead of something more capable of setting a clear, strong tone. Of course, maybe basics are the tone here; if that’s the case, the well done, I suppose. (more…)

On Friday, I navigated the streets of NYC with way more in tow than a typical day. I had a flight to catch after work and was going directly to the airport. So, in typical New York fashion, when you most need a cab, not a single cab is available. After waiting far too long in the morning heat, I decided to make my way to work with my suitcase, carry on and purse in tow. Needless to say, it was an ordeal. The worst part was the fact that my carry-on was better suited to being held in one’s hand, but since I had a ways to go, I forced it onto my shoulder. It was at that point that I swore off of all large bags that don’t boast a lovely shoulder strap.

Naturally, when I came across this gorgeous Miu Miu Bow Leather Tote, I was hoping with every fiber in my being that it had a shoulder strap. To my utter excitement, it does! (more…)

The start of the 2012 London Olympic Games is only days away, and for this year’s games, more designer brands than ever are pitching their hats into the ring to wish the athletes well and get a few of those sweet Olympic revenue dollars. While brands like Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney and Armani have taken an official stake in what the athletes of their respective countries will wear during various parts of the Games, even more designers have come out with unofficial tributes. For example, virtually every British designer under the sun has released a Union Jack handbag of some sort.

Miu Miu, on the other hand, has decided to remind us that the Olympics are a meritocracy. Instead of producing pieces to support its home country, the brand’s Olympic pieces reference the outstanding athletic achievement that the Olympics celebrate with a limited edition series of gold, silver and bronze handbags, shoes and accessories. Want to get your hands on them? It might be tricky – they’re only available at select London Miu Miu boutiques. Check out the bags and accessories after the jump. Interested in the footwear? Head on over to our sister site TalkShoes for the scoop. (more…)

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