If you’re like me, you don’t buy a new wardrobe every season; not only does that require a limitless budget, but it’s kind of a waste when you have things from last year that you’ve been dying to return to your regular rotation. It’s always fun to buy something new, though; it marks the beginning of a new season and helps make your existing wardrobe feel a little bit fresher.

In those situations, the best thing you can do is choose a piece that straddles the line between something that can be worn regularly and something that feels more like a “statement” piece. Below, check out five of our favorites from fall’s new crop that make an impact without feeling overtly trendy–these are the pieces that you’ll be excited to pull out again when next fall rolls around.

If I had a white flag, I’d wave it. I’m done with winter even if winter isn’t done with me. I thought that picking out an ideal beach look for the vacation that I’m going on in my head might be a good way to alleviate some of the stress associated with knowing that I’m going to leave the office in a few hours and go outside into temperatures in the teens, but then I remembered that I am not exactly an ideal beach-goer, either, what with my pale skin, love for black and tendency to perspire.

I pretty much always look a little like Daria or one of her entertainment-world kin, with my heavy boots and dark wardrobe and creatively colored hair, but that comparison is never more apt than when I’m put on a beach with hundreds of people wearing bright bathing suits and wildly printed cover-ups. In that context, I am more or less Beetlejuice heroine Lydia Deetz, made famous by late-80s Winona Ryder, and dammit, Lydia Deetz wants to go to the beach today. (Fun fact: I’ve never seen Little Women or read Anne of Green Gables or any of that adorable girlchild stuff, but I watched Beetlejuice literally dozens of times as a kid, which probably explains some of my present-day sartorial choices.)

Welcome to the very first edition of The International Edit, where we’ll be shopping on behalf of our non-American customers at some of the best overseas retailers that these here Internets have to offer. Our regular coverage tends to be US-centric because of our location in New York City, but we wanted to give some love both to our international readers and the online retailers that specialize in serving them. If you’re in the US, you might still want to take a look – these stores all ship to our shores, and non-American retailers often offer brands and pieces that are harder to find in the US. This week, our favorite bags, shoes and accessories come from MyTheresa, Browns and My-Wardrobe. (more…)

It is deliriously cold outside right now. So cold that you want to punch yourself in the face. (Why? I dunno. Maybe because the ER is warm and then you also probably don’t have to go to work.) The snow has mostly cleared from the streets and sidewalks of New York City, but right now, Mother Nature, who is kind of a jerk lately, insists that we won’t see a temperature above freezing for at least a week, and mostly they’re going to be really, really far below that. Like a degree. One single, solitary degree. That is a temperature that can happen, apparently. This is all new to me.

As you can probably tell, I’m getting pretty sick of all of this, and it’s only January. There are precious few ways that I can protest the Earth’s global climate processes, but my favorite one is to refuse to dress like a professional adult for the duration of the season. It’s going to be all sweats-masquerading-as-clothes and sneakers-masquerading-as-designer-shoes from here on out, or at least until we get back to, like, a balmy 35 degrees. For this weekend, and maybe all of the weekends, I have selected the outfit of the week below.

It’s been a weird week, man. Last time we got together to discuss our ideal Outfit of the Week, the windchill outside was below zero and I couldn’t feel my face. On the other hand, I broke a sweat walking in to work in a heavy sweater. As a result, this week’s ideal outfit is my official white flag to the concept of dressing for the weather, since the weather seems hell bent on reminding me that it is in charge at all times. So here’s some spring stuff I’d like to put on my body and/or head, all at once, in the near future.

Let me level with you here: I am a southerner, both by birth and by temperamental aversion to winter weather. Before I moved to New York a couple of years ago, I had owned one real coat in my life (a peacoat from the Gap because I went to high school in America just like everyone else), and I was not necessarily upset about that. Now the same polar vortex that turned Chicago into Siberia yesterday has arrived in my adopted place of residence, and the proverbial shit just got real. Naturally, our first Outfit of the Week of 2014 deals with how to fashionably fend off the cold, including a couple of pieces from my actual closet. (more…)

I’m a fairly pragmatic dresser. When I’m looking to buy something expensive, I generally pick something that I know I can use or wear frequently. That doesn’t mean I buy “basics,” necessarily, but I know my own tastes and tendencies and I try to pick things that fit with them. This crazy-gorgeous Christopher Kane Animal Print Coat doesn’t fit those standards, exactly, but I’m totally obsessed with it anyway. Thus, the latest edition of Outfit of the Week. (more…)

I love a full skirt. They’re the only kind of skirts I own, mostly because of their ability nip in an imaginary waist and create the illusion of hips on my mostly straight frame. They’re dramatic, forgiving and timeless, and the black-and-white splatter of this Tibi Printed Silk Gazar Skirt had me at the proverbial “hello.” Me being me, though, I had to find a way to put a motorcycle jacket with it, and that’s exactly what I did in our latest installment of Outfit of the Week.

When I looked at the skirt and the white Proenza Schouler moto together, even I, being notoriously color-averse, knew it needed to brighten up a little bit. A little bit of cobalt blue sneaking out from under the jacket didn’t seem like enough, so I went whole-hog on the primary colors with Lanvin shoes in a ladylike shape to match the mood of the skirt and a bright red Saint Laurent bag. Finish the whole thing off from a hyper-neutral mani from Deborah Lippmann and a classic watch from Shinola, an amazing company whose timepieces are all hand-assembled in Detroit. Check out the full look below.

By now, you guys have probably gleaned that I’m a skinny-pants-and-jacket kind of girl during the fall. I have little patience for tights and cold-weather accessories, on top of being a fairly practical dresser in general, so I stick with a formula that works pretty well and makes me feel like me. Nothing will make you second-guess yourself like having a potential option removed, though, which is why I really want to wear a dress this week.

The advent of November is something of a Northeastern tipping point, or at least that’s what I’ve gleaned in what is now my third fall in New York. I’m not a cold-natured person, especially in the leg region, so I got used to being able to wear skirts and dresses without tights through the mild winters in my native Atlanta. When November rolls around here, though, that option starts to sound markedly less attractive, so naturally, that’s all I want to wear.

This week’s outfit isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of my personal style, but perhaps of an ideal woman who I’d someday like to be, if only for an evening. On that evening, I’d like it to be chilly enough for a beautiful ivory coat, but not so chilly that I’d have to pull on annoying hosiery. If I’m going for an ideal here, why not apply that to the weather as well?

I never feel more like myself than when I’m wearing all, or almost all, black. This wasn’t a new thing that happened when I moved to New York City a few years ago, which is a famous refuge for those of us that will wear black until someone finds something darker. Instead, I was the little girl on the playground in elementary school who wore black Keds when eveyone else’s were pristine white. Considering that, it’s not particularly surprising that my favorite outfit of the week is full to bursting of the color. (more…)

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