Valentino's ability to find new ways to put studs on traditional, ladylike bag shapes never ceases to impress me. This one doesn't scream the designer's name immediately, which is great for anyone weary of Rockstuds.

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  • ebun

    they need to bring that price back down to earth.

  • dela

    The price seems a little steep even for Valentino.

  • FashionableLena

    That bag shouldn’t be more than $1600. With that being said, I like the ladylike edge.

  • Sofia

    Such an expensive price for something that looks like it came from Aldo

    • Sparkletastic

      Hahahaha! Exactly!!!!

  • unimpressed by the design, hardware and price. and the stitching. I’m hoping Valentino gets over this rockstud mania, there is so much more they can bring to their customers design-wise!

    • shopper

      Agreed. I don’t have one but imagine there is only so much of it one can take or wear together. Risk looking like a Valentino billboard. Price seems totally out of line.

  • Veit Bui

    with this kind of pricing, not many people will buy it until mark downs. save abit more and get a chanel which will hold its value. beside chanel invented the shoulder bag.

  • shueaddict

    ouchie , 3k ???? The last medium lock bag I purchased for well under 2k , what gives?

  • Rashida

    It is very pricey!

  • Sparkletastic

    No way that bag is worth that price. Inevitably the value will fall and it won’t be worth more than $500 in a couple of years.

    Try again, Valentino. ????

  • Dylan Propst

    Look familiar? I like Valentino for their originality (even when it’s a little over the top), but this is veering into Michael Kors-level “inspiration”.

  • Volappece

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  • Ban_ban

    This bag looks really boring and lazy in its design :/

  • Jo

    Gees, can I just say this bag is absolutely ugly! I would say it looks like a $60 bag….

  • Casey

    The leather on this bag is super delicate, more so than the rockstud leathers. And then you have the chain which is covered in mini studs that dig into your hand when you hold it and your shoulder when you wear it. I love Valentino but I don’t understand why they would design a bag that is impossible to wear without feeling like getting stabbed.