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  • Page

    Again, no mention of Everlane! I am disappointed you don’t discuss their bags.

    • Jdawg


    • Jdawg

      At this point, I find it completely suspicious that they haven’t mentioned Everlane ever. The cynical side of me believes it all comes down to a suspicion that purseblog doesn’t mention everlane bc it hurts their profit in some way, shape, or form beyond my understanding.

      • Page

        I find it suspicious too but Everlane has quite a generous referral program that they could benefit from! I emailed them a few weeks ago about it and never heard back.

      • I don’t mention Everlane because I forget about Everlane, honestly. Since they’re not known as specifically a handbag brand and I don’t come across their bags while browsing third-party retailers (which is the most straightforward way to research these posts), they tend to be beyond my daily radar. I’ll try to keep them in mind! We are not part of some kind of anti-Everlane conspiracy.

    • Sara

      Didn’t a whole bunch of celebrities go crazy over the Everlane Petra bag a couple of years ago? I’m sure even Angelina Jolie was snapped with one.

      • Page

        Yes! Angelina Jolie has been seen in their shoes and with their bags many times!

    • StargazerSpider

      Ahhh, I didn’t know about Everlane! Just spent a good half hour perusing their website, and their bags are gorgeous! And their transparency in terms of factories and pricing is absolutely refreshing. Definitely the best find of the month, and I would love a post on them on purseblog, or at least a mention within a general post such as this. Thanks for the tip :-)

  • Sara

    Vince Camuto is underrated. They have some practical well made bags. I’m on the lookout for a new work bag. Thanks for the post.

  • kemilia

    Love the Vince Camuto tote–practical, attractive and well priced.

  • FashionableLena

    Love that Michael Kors bag. The color is gorgeous.

  • Yazi

    The text is not correctly aligned for this post. I’m viewing it on an android mobile.

  • Passerine

    Thanks for mentioning Everlane — I was not aware of them. Some of their bags are attractive for everyday use and I’m impressed about their transparency regarding their factories. Would love to see more brands doing the same!

    • Page

      Glad I could point you to them! I appreciate their transparency as well. I own many of their clothing pieces too and enjoy everything I have bought so far.