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  • Biogirl

    I have the Louise et Cie bag in the exact color pictured here. All of my bags have leather straps so I was worried about this chain one. But it feels very comfortable on my shoulder, thanks to a small leather piece at the top of the strap. I love, love, love this bag! The color is gorgeous and I love the silver hardware. It’s a bit small, but I just have to only take the most necessary items with me when I carry it.

    • YolandafCorby

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  • FashionableLena

    I really like the MK. The color is stunning.

  • Yoshi1296

    Love the Coach Dinky!!

  • Sparky

    I think the Dinky is cute but I woundn’t pay $450 for it. Cole Haan has a whipstitched cross body (Rumey Crossbody) for $225. In my opinion, the design of the Rumey is more functional and practical. Cole Haan sould develop it and introduce more colors.

    • Amanda

      I am tired of the Dinky because it feels like the Penny that they re-released a ton of times over the last five years…and I just don’t find it to be the right size for me. That being said, the reason that the Dinky is a higher price than the Rumey is actually because the craftsmanship is far more extensive. I know the Cole Haan design has the whipstitching, but the inside of the Dinky is actually all leather, rather than the fabric that the Rumey contains. It takes a lot of steps to make a Coach bag, which is why sometimes their prices seem much higher than other styles from similar companies. I really love the functionality of the Rumey though- it’s nice to see the compartments and options for cards. When you are using a bag that small, having the slots means you can skip a wallet, which is what I struggle with when using smaller bags! I really hope they debut more colours too- I can also imagine the Rumey would be really lovely as a clutch- if they made the strap detachable!

  • Amanda

    I adore the colours of the Tory Burch Robinson bag! I don’t typically find myself drawn to her styles, but I checked out the style on her site. I really appreciated the size and compartments- it’s a smaller style, but looks big enough to have some space so you can get items out without having to empty out the whole bag, which is my battle with a lot of smaller styles.

  • Feeling the TB Robinson Convertible. I appreciate these affordable options – great for women getting back into the work force (like me) with limited funds but still want to look updated.