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  • mary

    prada inside bag? really? i’m sceptical

  • Y Ajayi

    I don’t think the prada will be a hit…the MG bag is interesting.

  • Passerine

    I agree with the posters below — I just don’t see the Prada bag catching fire with buyers the way that the Drew and Sac du Jour have. Also, as much as I like the Drew, I do wish there was a leather insert in the chain to make it sit more comfortably on the shoulder. I tried one on in a store and when I loaded it up with the stuff I would normally carry, it did dig in my shoulder. Glad to see Gucci in here. While I’m not crazy about the fabric bags or an all-chain strap on a shoulder bag, they’re got some snap in their new offerings. As for LV, when I go into their store, I always see several beautiful, well-made bags I’d be happy to own and whose prices are high but not stratospheric. OTOH, the ones getting all the attention fail to impress. Plus they come with absurdly inflated price tags.

    • Dremms

      I bought d Drew last Dec,and sold it a month after..trust me its jez a pretty bag!The buckle is IMPOSSIBLE!:(

      • Sparkletastic

        Completely agree!!! Bought and sold! The buckle is crazy and the more narrow size at the top just made it seem hard to get into. It’s pretty but not nearly as functional as it seems.

  • FashionableLena

    Hmmm…that Prada bag just came out so I’m not sure how hot it is or will be. I looked at one in person, and I wasn’t impressed. However, I did love the color combinations.
    The Twist is my favorite.

    • J

      Hot bags are unattainable except for the MG these are not hot bags

  • Sandy

    There are several bags of interest here. I promised myself to only purchase proven bags…that will stand the test of time so beyond the Boy or the Nightingale I will wait and see how they do in the longevity department before I seriously consider purchasing. The Drew is certainly the leader of the newbies right now and very nice IRL.

  • EGlez ?

    The Prada “Inside Bag” looks a bit… dated.

    • Amazona

      Looks like a PU bag from the early 90’s. Nothing I’d pay over 30 € for…

      The only bag here worth the mention is the Nightingale. Others just don’t float ma boat.

    • Veit Bui

      dated is a nice word for this bag:/

  • Smithy

    Show me a bag where upon seeing it I think, “wow, great bag. I wonder whose it is?” and not one of these lemming bags that everyone and their mother carries to be a part of the crowd.

    This post could also be, “The Hottest Handbags that everyone is carrying that you may want to consider NOT carrying for this very reason.”

    • Gpc

      I agree with you 100% Smithy, but then again, what do I know? I got clobbered on here for a post I made that I liked the new Altuzarra bags… :)

      • Smithy

        Haha…I remember! That was an odd clobbering for sure.

      • Yoshi1296

        Oh my God the comments they wrote to you made me so angry. I love your Altuzarra!! Definitely a gorgeous and unique bag.

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    • Barbara Ann

      The MG Lady Bag is my fave off this list. It’s got a nice appeal to it – kind of swanky, I like it. I like the LV Twist Bag too. I’m not always a huge fan of every LV out there. Sometimes they’re a little too rich old lady looking to me. The others, I think some of you guys nailed it, not anything new or spectacular. I agree with the feeling that every bag seems the same out there. I’ve been eyeing a new artist I saw at show that I think is worth sharing – IHLE – her bags are well made, really attractive and UNIQUE. I think I’ll be getting one for myself or my sister for Christmas.

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  • Sofia

    Maybe it’s because I’m not that into handbags anymore, but the industry seems stagnant. These bags don’t really have a “wow” factor.

    • Ashley

      I completely agree, these bags do not at all impress me that much. There’s no personality to them. No likey, nope.

      • julierstratton

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    • Sliceo’pie

      Why would you come on this website if you,”weren’t into handbags anymore”? Hello? “Purseblog.com”. Rings pretentious and untrue.

      • Sofia

        Sounds like you need to work on your reading comprehension. I said I wasn’t THAT into handbags anymore, meaning I’m still somewhat interested in them.

  • E Cooper

    I am usually a Prada fan but I am not feeling the Inside Bag. It seems too contrived-trying too hard to be an IT bag. Plus it seems like it would be awkward to carry. OTOH I really like the Gucci and the LV.

  • Veit Bui

    boy bag is next level on this list. the price range too is beyond. nightingale is for sure the longest running on this list.
    diorama is still living in the shadow of boy bag. btw dior has terrible quality. I bought a lady dior (the fall 2014 with patched pockets which they replenished due to “popularity”) recently and had to return. the reason was bcus there was a skip-stitch on the bag (e.g. the needle pierced a hole but the top and bottom thread did not catch so leaving a long stitch line). brought it back to the dior store so they can order another one. went to see the second one and saw THREE skip-stitches. had to get a refund. So ya peeps, just bcus you are paying 7000$ for a bag doesn’t mean it’s perfect. make sure to spot check and QC dior bags before buying (AT THE STORE!!!).

    • DrEmms

      OMG!I TOTALLY AGREE on the DIORAMA sooooo copyn the Chanel Boy bag for sure.For such a luxury house as DIOR,ud think that dey wud come out with a more original design..:(

  • QueenPosh .

    The new Givenchy Nightingale bag is the only one i really like on this list. It looks fresh and sleek. Does anyone know what type of leather they use on these bags?

    • Robyn White Andrew

      Mine is lambskin.

  • As usual Fendi’s craftsmanship and superb designs make the Peekaboo a winner. Prada seems to have lost the plot.

  • Kate

    Love the new Nightingale bag. Would definitely consider purchasing this bag. I have the Mansur Gavriel Lady bag on order.

  • Dylan Propst

    I love the Sac De Jour. I have a small in Bordeaux and I want to get a black one too. It’s a great bag, though I wish the center pocket was removable.

  • CaliCo

    Am I the only one who doesn’t love the LV twist bag? It looks like a mistake :-/

    • Barbara Ann

      I like that you could use it shorter as a shoulder bag or longer as a cross body. Well, I think you can, that’s what I’m gathering from it,lol!

  • Jack Neill

    How has the Diorama bag been widely successful?
    I remember critics were saying that about the new version of the Miss Dior bag and then Dior canceled the line.
    It’s way too early to call the Diorama a success or failure.
    Chanel Boy is the only bag on this list that sustained it’s hot factor and seems to continue to do so. However it’s far less luxurious then the classic 2.55 .
    None of these bags stand out. Infact some of them are copies of other established bag designs.

  • Pamela

    You’re missing the fendi by the way bag! Love it

  • Pookie

    I don’t understand why right before the 10th anniversary of the nightingale – Givenchy would go and change it! That bag came out in Fall 2006, so literally a year from the 10 year mark they go and change it. 10 years is the mark of a classic for me – they just killed it :/

    The Prada is way better with the shoulder strap attached, but seems no one here likes it anyway.

    The Gucci is probably my favorite bag this Fall… but in the suede options.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I was excited about the Drew bag until a saw it at Barneys. The chain was too short to use as a crossbody so that was a deal breaker for me.

    I jumped on the MG site when they restocked in July and was able to buy a mini mini black with flamma interior. The bag is surprisingly stiff. The jury is still out on that one.

    • Imgoingbroke

      MG bags are made of cow hide. Horrendously stiff and uncomfortable. I returned mine because it was impossibly uncomfortable to carry and very cumbersome due to the stiff leather.

      • Scottsdale Kim

        For some reason I don’t think that purchases from the MG site can be returned. I’m fine with my decision because it is a small bucket and the stiff material actually makes it easy to grab things on the fly.

  • Jess

    I think the Dior bag has overtaken my love for the Chanel Boy. I can’t believe I am writing these words. I didn’t think it could happen.

  • If by ‘hottest’ you mean the bags that are selling the most right now, then you are probably right. But in terms of design, innovation and the ‘wow’ factor (as mentioned by others) most of these bags should not be in the list at all. I could only justify the Chanel Boy and the Givenchy Nightingale. All the rest are nice but not ‘wow’ and some are a lot alike (I find the Diorama interestingly similar to the Boy). And the Prada Inside bag… for me is a big NO.

    • Passerine

      The Givenchy Nightingale must look much better in real life because in the photo here it reminds me of a 1970s vinyl gym bag. Zero appeal. I googled photos of women (and men) carrying it, and still can’t see the attraction.

  • They’re all beautiful, even if I don’t like Boy’s texture, too much is going on there. I’m not crazy about it bags, anyway. They kind of scream “personal style bloggers”, and it’s not something I look at when I have to pick a bag.

  • Lisa

    I find the Fendi inside bag really creepy. Like Alien!

    • lizarde

      It’s Prada, but yes!!!! It’s totally an alien bag bursting out of the chest of another bag. It’s creepy! And not in a kind of cool way like the Celine.

  • Nimsquick

    Geez, they’ve got to be kidding. I think it’s a misprint; yup, it’s the only explanation. These are “The 10 Most Boring Bags in the World.”

  • Vuittonluvr

    Take away the labels and the diorama, chanel boy, and Vuitton twist are quite literally the same exact bag. Sigh …

  • What´s the problem with all these bags? They´re created by people who always created handbags. There is nothing new, no new shapes and designs, just the same.
    It bores me. Nobody wants to work for all the money they are gaining anymore.
    So sad.

  • Jess

    It looks like I’m the odd one out but I love this post ladies! And a lot of the bags :)

  • elso721

    The only bag I consider above the rest here is the Boy Bag which gets the most points for innovation and it’s popularity would have been inevitable. The others are simply updated styles of what the brand have released about 6+ years ago- so not much merit for creativity/innovation. Personally Drew’s design never seemed liked a luxury bag.

  • Eleni Ledford

    Having viewed these 10 bags, I have to say, I dislike all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great handbag, but its none of these 10….just saying

  • Prada and Baggit are also one of the best in this Industry.