Prada Fringed Handbags

Fringe is in for Prada this coming Spring (which seems so far away right now). From satin scarves on the models’ heads to fringe bags and bold colors, Prada’s Spring 2007 line is reminiscent of the 1970’s. The bold colors took over the Milan runway, showing us that Prada wants the looks from their line to remain forefront in your mind this coming spring. Fringe bags have never been my thing, but Prada’s bags right now are such a hit that these fringe bags may also make their way to the ‘it’ bags of Spring.

Now if only the models would get a little more excited to be part of the Prada Spring 2007 Ready to Wear Runway Show.

Prada Faces 2007

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  • SKelly

    You know, I see your point, but really, wouldn’t you also be scowling if you had one of those satin doorags on your head?

    hee hee hee.

  • jane

    Now I’m so excited I look like a Prada model without even trying!

  • Tuesday

    I was under the impression that models were supposed to be beautiful. Yuck!

  • ver1982

    It just shows well that all the models are not more (and sometimes less) than normal people. Just look at those faces!Terrible!Just imagine the real look of all those celebrities!

  • staycee

    WOW! Why do they insist on hiring these deathly thin and ghostly looking models to represent fashion. Don’t they know that it is abslutley unrealistic. They have to know that right?

  • swear to god people who pick these ‘models’ really need their eyes checking!!!
    they all look like they are actually DEAD!

  • booozy

    i know they looky really creepy!!!

  • Cuka

    I guess you would be makeing sad faces too if you hadn’t eaten much in weeks.

  • Jasraeldesigns

    I think they look like that as to not take the focus off of the clothing bieng presented. they actually make the clothing look better! LOL :mrgreen:

  • isabella

    i fink the look cool as models
    they look nice and SLIM not ANOREXIC !!
    they look nice
    leave them alone

  • Amy Lee

    Why do they look so mad, like the are trying to shoot daggers thru us – freaky!!

  • Me

    hahaha the models arent beautiful!!
    its why they’re models!!!
    who tells that the models ar beautiful!
    they’re freaky but they arent ugly! they are beautiful in the industry:**

  • margie jimenez

    if models smiled, more products may be sold! Beauty is in a smile, and a smile says more than words.

  • Naggy

    Extremely ugly bags and ugly models. (ipad)